Monday, December 27, 2010

new year's resolutions.

 happy holidays!

I love this time of year.  It's a little different not being a student, having no time off, but it's such a warm fuzzy time, how can you help but love it?

we had a wonderful Christmas (pictures to come very soon), and now that we're home and the gifts have been put into their new places, I'm starting to think of the new year.  I've been sick with this little one, feeling tired and unmotivated, and just wanting to sleep--a lot.  thus, since september, anything that isn't urgent has fallen by the wayside, including this blog.  but, as my Christmas present to myself, I asked my sister-in-law to take mack for half a day, and I organized my photos and caught myself up.  my new years resolution?  to stay up to date so I don't have to do this again (to you or me).  so, here is a big catch up from mid year to now.  it includes lots of pictures taken on my cell phone, and anything I found in my photo folders that hasn't been documented.

you ready?  here we go.

I know I've already blogged about this month, but I found this photo among the photos my second shooter took at this wedding.  It's the ONLY photo I have of me working, so for posterity's sake, here it is--me shooting a wedding.  woot.  (photo by Jill Tew)

my little man (cars in hand, of course) on one of our daily walks.  he wore those "fwi-fwahs" every day of the summer. 

the farm down the street one evening before sunset.  pretty, eh?  taken on my cell no less.  arizona is a pretty place, if you can see it.  :)

exploring our new place, and maybe trying to recapture a little of the 'burgh.  super yummy hot dogs.

uh... discovered a cool app on my phone.  it takes cool pictures. this one.

arizona sunrise.  one of my early morning gym days.  isn't it gorgeous?

took a trip up to utah.  it included photos of my cute little niece, ella; a super duper reunion/90th birthday party for my grandma; a trip to the zoo; and some good old fashioned playing and plane flights. 

grandma's party:

invites designed in cooperation with my good friend, keri.  the colors are inspired by my grandma's kitchen wall paper. 

see the bunting in the back?  it may or may not have been my favorite part.  :)  the cake and cupcakes were made by my amazing aunt kathy, I designed the "raggylugg" books, and my mom and I took two days running to different shops putting together all the details.  

this book tells the story my great-grandma used to tell her school kids to teach them the letter "s."  my grandma told her kids, and still tells it to her grandkids and great-grandkids.

a good time was had by all.

the frandsen clan on my grandpa's farm. 

cute macko making his "scawey" face.

cousin will hangin' at the zoo with us.

and the best plane flight ever.  thank you imagination movers.

arizona sunset.  every night is amazing.  look how beautiful!

mommy and a not-so-happy mack waiting for our car to be fixed.  after a couple hours in one small room, we started to get stir-crazy.  hence the cellphone pictures (there were lots more--I'll spare you).

again.  I can't resist.

DJ's first day of work as a "real" dentist.  woo hoo!

one of our favorite haunts during the summer: the chandler municipal airport.  mack loves the airplanes, and we loved taking him there.

quite possibly my favorite picture ever.  it melts my heart.

beautiful carli during a particularly beautiful evening (see below).

swim lessons for the macko.  he HATED it the first few days, and I actually cried a couple times.  yes, cried.  it was sad.  by the end he loved it, and he could swim several feet by himself. 

wanna see him in action?  here you go (another sideways video--I've gotta figure that out):

of course, lots of the summer was spent swimming at various locations.  what else can you do when it's 120 degrees outside?  this particular occasion was swimming with cousin trey.  isn't he cute?

date night with the deej.

a flight by myself (heaven!) to pittsburgh for this wedding.  it was the fastest trip ever.  landed friday night, did a photo shoot for a family, stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, got my hair cut, met up with some friends, slept for a few hours, shot the wedding all day the next day, met up with more friends, slept for a few hours, stopped by the old place (which we still owned at the time--no more--yay!!), went to the old ward, and flew out.  literally not a moment to rest.  what a great weekend.  didn't realize how few photos I took besides the work, but here are a couple:

a shot through the blinds into the old place.

best. thai. food. ever.

back in arizona.  see the license plate?  the van in front of me had an arizona license plate that said "yinzers."  I couldn't resist a picture. 

and a small collection of cell phone photos:
sleeping macko.

the bear.  he loves this thing.  it's nearly as big as him, but he must have it at every naptime and bedtime.  p.s. this was his last day with his binki.  it was a traumatic transition.

back in utah for a cousin's wedding:
little sissie's birthday.

bridal shower for a good friend.  I did nothing but provide the decor and party favors.  that's the way I like it.  :)

fab five + one, - one.  missed you em...

the cousin's wedding:
a beautiful couple...

married by her grandfather...

and surrounded by lots of family who loved them.

there was lots of good food, lots of good company, and lots of happiness.

congrats nick and kelly.

while in utah, I got to take a few EXTREMELY quick photos of my brother and his cute family.  the sun had literally set, and we were working with next to no light, but these kiddos are cute no matter what I do.

aren't they cute?  I've got the best family ever.

just to show you how late it was, these pictures were taken immediately following their shoot.  I told you--NO LIGHT.

and now onto something I've been dying to share.  my amazing friend, emily, created a perfect piece of art for mack's bedroom. I sent her this fairly mediocre cell phone pic of macko,

which she turned into this:

and using various methods that are honestly genius to me, she created this:

so cute, right?  I LOVE IT.  a lot.  there are rumors of her starting up an etsy shoppe to sell custom pieces.  I think it would be an amazing success. 

phoenix children's museum. it's amazing.  we spend lots of time there.

girls' trip.  ahhhhh.  it was perfect. a bunch a pittsburgh girls got together for the 2nd annual girls trip extravaganza.  lots and lots of talking, lots of yummy food, some craziness, and some good shopping.  it was perfect.

um... please excuse this.  it had to be shared.  I'll admit, I'm slightly embarassed.

can't wait for the next one.

the weekend after the girls' trip, my sisters came down.  somehow we didn't get a single picture of us.  just dj and I doing some ridiculous pose.  so, for now, this is the only picture I have to remember our sisters weekend.  weak, I know.  for journaling purposes, it was wonderful.  I introduced them to our new area, and they gave me some much needed rejuvenation.  we shopped, ate, relaxed, enjoyed each other's company, and did mani/pedis (of course).  it's becoming a tradition too.  love it. 

and, of course, the random cell phone pics for October:
park play time:

double rainbow all the way across the sky:

mack's birthday (already blogged about here).  he got a chocolate shake from in-n-out.  his favorite.

and halloween, which was already documented here


mack wasn't super happy to sit through the ceremony, but we survived it.

family pictures:  they were quick, but we came out with a few.  it's funny that we've never actually paid a photographer to take our pictures.  maybe next year.

mostly, we did this:

and this is literally the only one that's even okay of the three of us.  but, we're documented.  :)

highlight of the month: madi and keri came down to visit from montana.  we loved every minute of having them here.  here are a few of a quick photo shoot of cute madi. 

...and mack and madi on their first date.  adorable, no?

the morning keri and madi left, mack and I got in the car and drove up to utah.  I left mack with my mom, and flew out to shoot a beautiful wedding in philadelphia (edited, but yet to be posted on the photo blog).  took a train to new york and spent a few days enjoying the city on my own.  I stayed in a cute little apartment in the village, spent my mornings editing, spent my afternoons shopping, and found some old friends and yummy food.
the cell phone pics:

the others:

went to a photography cooperative/workshop in SoHo.  it was awesome.  they had vintage camera rental, equipment for the public's use, and an inspiring collection of photos. 

I loved it, and wished I had more time there, but I had to catch my flight.

It was a good thing, because I was anxious to come home and see my cute nephew who was only five days old.  take a look at the few photos we captured of him:

(hat made by his mother.  so cute, right??)

I told you, I have the cutest family ever.  seriously.  ever.

driving down to grandma's for thanksgiving.  yes, it says it's 2 degrees outside.  2. 

annual Christmas tree hunt:

reminds me of my childhood.  even though we didn't actually hunt for trees, we did enjoy a little four-wheeling, some playing in the snow, and turkey sandwiches from left over thanksgiving turkey and rolls.

now to the bad part: the drive home.  we drove home in the middle of a storm.  the roads started out bad,

got worse,

and eventually turned into a total white out.  needless to say, it was a white-knuckle ride.

...then we reached arizona.  it was a welcome sight.

the cell phone pics:
the glasses game.                 and the marker game.
both a favorite lately.

the double fisted sucker haircut.  whatever it takes, right?

and the aftermath of DJ's haircut.  that's a lot of hair.

DJ gets his name on the door.  cool, eh?

the $6 choo-choo ride.  never again.  seriously.  it was 3 minutes long.  but, mack liked it, so we'll chalk it up to a learning experience.

post church back-yard play.  I love my cute little guy.  look at those cute legs.

the DJ camera face of choice:

oh yes, and then of course, the hand:

another arizona sunrise.  I know I've put up a lot of them, but can you blame me?  this is not enhanced in any way.  they are unreal.

and, our pre-Christmas living room, complete with Quiggles, the same elf who watched me during my childhood now watches us during the Christmas season to make sure we're being good girls and boys.  DJ thinks he's creepy.  I think he's cute.  and, I'm the decorator, so I win.  :)

Merry Christmas everyone.  I won't believe you if you tell me you actually read and looked at everything (I just counted--there are 213 pictures in this post), but don't worry, I don't blame you.  :) sending love your way during this wonderful time of year.



kristen said...

i did it! Ü and loved it. and totally wishing i had a catch-up like this myself. why do we take so many stinkin' pics!?

Ashley said...

I always read through all of your blog. Good to catch up! I am so jealous of your Christmas setup, but I do agree with DJ. All dolls creep my out - maybe that's why. I've never liked dolls even as a girl. Hope things are going well for you.

Brooklet said...

Of course I read it all, and I came away with two main impressions- first, that you are a super busy gal, jet-setting and all. And second, that you are uber talented at everything you try. The pictures, the decor at the showers, the illustrated story of your grandma's (what a treasure that is)- it is all amazing. And all while you are sickly pregnant. Awesome. I love you christmas card- the pictures of your family are so beautiful. Miss you and counting off the months until we meet again!

Courtnie said...

Um, love it! And yes, Jana Smythe is in our ward and we have the same house plan. Small world! (PS, I love her!)

The Edwards said...

Love it! You are very talented! Congrats on the new little one!

Amy F said...

Hooray! Thanks for catching up. It was fun!! And just look at those splits you do... as if the rest of your life isn't impressive enough?!?

See you tomorrow! :)

Jena said...

what a fun post to read as the snow falls outside! You are so talented and I love your visual storytelling. I have a random but funny story for you. A couple of months ago when I was changing my last name at the Social Security Office, I saw a girl sitting near me who looked familiar. I told my husband that I recognized her from your blog, and that she was one of the brides you photographed (blonde, cute, during the summer). So anyways, being who I am I absolutely HAD to walk up to her and tell her what a celebrity she is. haha it was funny. She was surprised to say the least but I think she got a kick out of it.

Anyways, hope you're having a wonderful time down in AZ. So excited for you to have another beautiful babe.


Steph said...

1- read it all
2- I missed the memo on baby #2 - congrats!!
3- I LOVED the "double rainbow" reference. Hilarious!
4- adorable family
5- what's your photo app? I'm really in to Instagram and ShakeIt Photo (iPhone)
6- beautiful festive holiday fireplace pic.
7- happy new year!

Emily said...

You're amazing. I love your traveling life, so exciting. Miss you girls too--also, that's the closest thing I've seen to Annie's wedding photos. Also, thank you for the sweet words it gives me hope that I can figure out how to do it. Best luck for new year, I hope we cross paths soon! xoxoxo