Wednesday, November 3, 2010


my little guy is so big.
mack celebrated the big second birthday last week, and all of the sudden, my baby boy seems like a big boy.  here's a little bit about the crazy guy right now:

he is still absolutely OBSESSED with cars, trucks, planes, trains, and anything else that goes. he has a car in his hands at all times--including, but not limited to the playground, bath time, meal times, riding in the car, nap time, and reading time.  he calls this particular car his "coop coop" (you know, a mini cooper? get it?).  he even points out "coop coops" on the road while we're driving.  he also points out hummers, convertibles, any car that looks like dada's car, and any car that looks like mimi's car. 

he climbs on anything and everything. 

his favorite contraption at the playground is definitely the slide (see the car in his hand?).

he is the sweetest boy in the whole world.  I know you think I'm exaggerating, but let me give you an example.  last saturday, we left mack with mimi and papa (dj's parents) for the night and church the next day.  we came over to pick him up, and after putting him in the car, this was our conversation:
mack: "guess what?"
me: "what mack?"
mack: "I missed you soooo much."
me: *heart melting into a puddle on the floor.*

that being said, let's not forget his mischievous side.  he has become a human tape recorder.  I didn't realize I had such a potty mouth.  when you hear your "bad words" coming out of a two year old's mouth, it sounds so much worse.  he has taken a liking to some particular phrases that I'm sure he learned from me.  the worst part is, he strings them all together.  so, when he says them, you get a big dose of that-child-has-the-worst-mom-in-the-world-itis.  here is how it usually goes:
mack drops a car, and says, "oh cwap.  so dumb.  I fweaking out.  so stupid.
uh... where could he have picked that up from??  all I can hope is that he won't start saying them in nursery.  please, oh please, don't say them in nursery.  
we're trying to give him substitutions, like "oh NO! so silly.  holy cow!"  is it working?  not one little bit.  now he just whispers the bad words instead.  oh joy. 

on the subject of words, he is talking like a maniac.  he has taken a special liking to the alphabet.  he reads off individual letters from any sign we stop at, and constantly says to me, "what wettah is dis, mama?" (translation: what letter is this mama?) then he waits for me to say, "I don't know, what is it?" and he tells me.  he still calls "W" double, which I think is adorable, and I just might cry when he corrects it. 

he loves to sing, and although he doesn't always remember all the words, he definitely makes himself heard.  his favorite songs include popcorn popping, the itsy bitsy spider, the hands song, head shoulders knees and toes, and of course, the ABC's.  

he's a bit of a scaredy-cat.  he's especially afraid of flies, walking right next to cars, and daddy chasing him. 

he has learned to put on a brave face though, and now whenever he's scared, he looks at me and says, "{insert scary item here} NOT scary."  while shaking his head with all of his might. 

he's happy most of the time, and has recently become quite the independent player.  he'll literally spend hours playing with his cars and trucks in his room.  of course, he'd be happier if I sat right next to him and never left, but I'm enjoying getting ready without him hanging on my leg anymore. 

he's still an observer, and spends a long time at each activity.  I always have the feeling he's trying to figure out how everything works.  I can't wait to see what he does when he grows up. 

he is my handsome boy.  I know it's a little mommy pride coming through, but I just think he's the cutest.  I love him so much it literally hurts. 

how can you not love that little face??

I cannot believe it has been a whole two years since he made his appearance. 

every day just gets better.

happy birthday, little man.

I love you more than you'll ever know. 
love, mommy.


kristen said...

I was just wondering today... What happened to Libby!? So glad you guys are alive and I can't believe how much he talks! It's so fun! Maybe so much fun you might even want two little Macks? Or a Mack-enna? Sorry... You know I had to say it. :)

Richins Family said...

ITS ABOUT TIME!!! loved the post! mack is adorable. miss u

Seidi said...

Happy Birthday Mack!!! And congratulations to you, Libs. He's such a cute kid and I KNOW he is going to be a genius in all things, just like his mommy. :) So, Danny has an interview at the Mayo in Scottsdale. Want to meet up when we come down there?

Katie said...

That's so sweet Bil! I've been waiting for a new post for forever. Happy belated Mr. Mack! He is such a handsome boy. I told Jeff about his string of "bad words" and we had a big laugh. Can't wait to see you guys after Christmas!

Bryan and Jamie said...

I love all the pics of Mack! He really is adorable. I love the potty mouth story. If it makes you feel any better... I have the same problem. Peter says "dang it" all the time. Ive gotta fix that... :)

Amy F said...

Cute Mackers... we love him! Happy Birthday to the big boy. So very much has changed this year. :)