Tuesday, November 9, 2010

halloween 2010 style

I'm blogging.  like a lot.  you know how I disappeared for a loooong time?  well, that means it's catch up time.  up first: halloween. 
I made the soccer ball (thought of you, kristen: gotta love felt and hot glue!). 
he hated it. 
I forced him to wear it. 
he gave in. 
...so it goes around here.
regardless, he turned out to be the cutest soccer ball in the history of soccer balls.  don't you think?  come on, you know you do.

and before I forget, here are a few of my favorite mack sayings as of late:
walking outside in the early evening: "*sigh* outside is sooo 'mazing!"
"dank ooo" every time I give him something.
and now, "danks."
deej calling mack's name, and in response, "what's up... dada?"
"how 'bout we {insert new activity here}"
"you're welcome sooo much!"
whenever he wants me to hold him: "mama, hold you!"
oh, how I love this little guy.

mom and dad were the ref and the coach.  just a happy soccer team family.

the coach teaching the soccer ball how to escape., and the soccer ball giving us the *stink eye.*

I love those cute chubby legging legs.

happy halloween! 
(9 days late)  :)


kristen said...

landen says, "he has good hair!" and i say- definitely cutest soccer ball ever! and i think that's the first time i've ever seen you in "sweat pants"...hehe.
soph totally did the "hold YOU!" forever... just made me laugh. and still does "how bout..." they could be best buds.

Seidi said...

that is the definitely the cutest little soccer ball i have ever seen!!!! super fun. we're lame and didn't really do Halloween this year. sad. so we're definitely going to be in Scottsdale/Gilbert from Dec. 5-8. let's meet up, eh?