Wednesday, January 5, 2011

santa, lights, & dashing through the snow

Christmas this year was just the beginning of the magical years to come.  mack was so cute as he exhibited his limited understanding of the season.  he made eveyrthing so much more fun--starting with the dance party next to the Christmas tree, and ending with the day itself.  as we drove around, he would say,
"oh, wookie all da wights!" and,
"santa's wight dere!  see 'im?"
and, each night before bed, he requested "jingee bewws" as his bedtime song.  he even knows the words.  
but my favorite, by far, was this exchange:
as mack was feeling my tummy, and we were talking about his new sibling, d.j. asked mack: "mack, who's your favorite baby?"
mack thought for a moment, and then simply said, 
"baby Jesus." 
I just love my little guy, and I'm glad some part of the nativity story sunk in.
here's what Christmas this year looked like for us:

pre-Christmas Eve party.  it took a few pictures, but we finally got one that worked. 
{the outtakes}

{the keeper}

DJ's family has an extended family party on Christmas Eve.  It was held in a beautiful location, with a good bunch of people, and some super tasty mexican food (homemade chimichangas=heaven).

the evening included a nativity telling acted out by the kiddos...

...a game for the kids that involved stealing of presents, and made most of the adults feel like this:

and although some kids were indifferent...

...most felt something like this by the time the game ended. 

it was rough.

after a fun evening, we sneakily left early to have our own little celebration at DJ's parents'.  it included the annual jammies, book, and of course, cookies for santa, and carrots for the reindeer.   

when the wee one was nestled tightly in bed, with vision of sugar plum fairies dancing in his head, we started the real party--matching pajamas and all. 

Christmas morning mostly involved jumping, gift opening, and playing.  but, for record's sake, let it be known, mack was a stinker.  not enough sleep, combined with a late Christmas brunch (translation: no food for the wee one until nearly five hours after he woke up) made for a super ornery little guy. 

however, he did love his cars.  a lot.  they were definitely the hit of the morning. see his perfect line?  this is how they park while he carefully chooses two for his hands to hold.  don't touch, or you're in for it.  seriously.  don't.

all in all, it was a wonderful Christmas.  I loved seeing the magic of Christmas come alive through macko's eyes.  I can't wait for the years to come.  it will only get better.  :)

happy holiday season to you and yours.  hope it treated you well, and you're rejuvenated and ready for the new year. 

much love.


Amy F said...

Yay for being current with your blog! Congrats... New Years resolution is working!! I love his pajamas so much!! And it took me back to see the trampoline pictures on Christmas Day. Whaa?!?

kami said...

glad you had a wonderful christmas! max does the same thing with his's the cutest thing ever. they need to get together to play cars again soon ;)

little studly said...
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kenna said...


harley got many of those same cars. santa has great taste.

Jack and Sausha said...

I can't believe how big Mack has gotten. And the picture of the two of you together is adorable. Congratulations on baby #2. I'm sure Mack is ecstatic to be a big brother.