Monday, August 13, 2012

see grey grow.

 Here he is.  From one week to one year.  I can't believe how quickly it flew by.  He went from tiny newborn, to smiley infant, to crawling crazy, to walking toddler--all in 52 weeks.  Here's my attempt at recording it.  If you look closely, you can see when he is difficult to keep still (look for things in his hands to keep him still).  You can even spot my legs in one picture keeping him from rolling over and crawling away.  There are sick weeks and happy weeks, but mostly just cute weeks.  I just love this little guy. 




Dear Grey,

Oh little man, I love you more than words can express.  Daddy always says you're my favorite.  Mommy doesn't have favorites, but you are a bright spot in my day.  You are no longer a baby, I know, but as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.  I love my snuggly baby with all my heart.  
You are happy. 
And that happiness cannot be contained in your little body.  When you smile, it goes from your lips, down to your hands and feet, and pushes the happiness out to everyone around you.  Since the first day you smiled, I know if I'm not looking at you, I'm missing out on one of your contagious grins.  I love your never ending happiness.
You are were calm.
You were the easiest baby on the planet.  So easy, I sometimes felt bad for you because you would just blend and watch.  But then I'd look your way, receive a little giggle and a smile, and remember, "oh yes, I'm the luckiest mommy on the planet."  
You are a snuggler.
I love to cuddle with you, and you with me.  Before every nap time, bed time, and in between, you nuzzle your face into my shoulder, wrap your arm around my neck, and snuggle to your hearts content.  It melts my heart every time.
You are an explorer.
You want to see everything.  You had the fastest little crawl I have ever seen.  We call you our little spider monkey.  You started moving, and you haven't stopped since.  You never walk--you run.  You don't meander--you move ahead at full steam discovering the world around you, and beckoning all of us to discover with you. 
You're hilarious.
You think I'm lying.  I'm not.  You have the funniest little sense of humor.  You play games with me, daddy and older brother all day long.  Peek-a-boo, chase, patty cake, super man, and london bridge are your favorites right now.  And, you laugh at everything--yourself, your family, books, and random cars driving by.  I love your cute little giggle, and your fake laugh makes me laugh.  
You're incredibly friendly.
You share your cute smile and a wave with the workers at any store, other mommies, other babies, other kids, dogs, and especially with your mommy.  I love how excited you get to see me after any small separation.  
You love your brother.
And he loves you.  You're always mimicking him, and I know you think you're just as old and muture as him.  You just melted my heart when you cried after dropping Mack off at preschool for the first time.  Your longing look at his empty carseat was heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.  I hope you always stay such good buddies.
You are nicknamed.  
Greybee, Goo, GreyGoo, GreyGoose, Goose, GreyBoat, BabyBoy, BabyBrother.  Most of the names come from Mack.  He loves you.  Speaking of...
You are loved.  
By me, by your daddy, by your brother, and by your extended family.  I get excited to get you from your crib every morning.  I love to watch your sweet expressions, and exploring personality.  I just love you.  And I always will.  
xoxo, mommy.


Dad (TMF) said...

And Grandpappy loves him, too.

Stephanie said...

Amazing pictures, and great post! Happy birthday little Grey!

Brik and Ashley Nielsen said...

Loved it Libby!

Katie said...

Such a great post! Happy Birthday to GreyGoo (I think I like that one best)! He started to look like Mack to me from around week 43 on. You have some handsome boys Bil! And some mad photo skills. :)

Radiant Red said...

OH my goodness! All these pictures are adorabel! I am due in February and I would love it if you could take pictures of my little one. I know you don't live here, but let me know! :)

Richins Family said...

Ummmm I cries a little....shocker right? Seriously though Libby this was darling.

Richins Family said...


MJ said...

OH. This is just priceless. AMAZING. I love his he's so beautiful. What awesome documentation. Lucky boys to have a momma like you!

Brittany said...

So cute. Week by week is such a great idea! Really shows how he changes. He is so cute!

Kelda said...

LOVE THIS! How adorable! So amazing how fast they grow in one year. I will most likely be coping you...if I can commit to a pic a week! =)