Wednesday, September 12, 2012

october in snapshots.

so many pictures have yet to be shared.  if I were smart, I would give up, and start from now.  alas, I am not smart.  these pictures are such a smattering, I'm almost embarrassed to share them.  most of them are straight out of camera, some have small amounts of retouching, and all of them could use additional work.  but sometimes it's just about the memories, and I just want to remember my cute family.  I love them so.  here's what our October looked like:

family pictures shot by Beth Curtis Photography, and retouched (or not) by me:

(retouched by Beth)

(this one too. :) )

we caught a few of her family as well:

I just love this girl.

parties at gap:

skype story time with grandpatty:

beautiful weather:

preschool time:

a visit from cousins for Mack's birthday party:

a "Cars 3" birthday party for the Mackers:

food table labels:


Many, many, many thanks to my mom, Amy, nephew and nieces for making the long drive down to come to the party.  it means so much to me to have such a supportive and amazing family.  a huge shout out to Beth for shooting the party for me.  an unfortunate series of events led to my camera being out of commission during the party.  gratefully Beth rescued me!  parties make me tired, but Mack loved it, so I call it a success.  I'll do a lot to see a smile on my little man's face.  :)

many hours of cuddling, loving, and playing with this boy:

mack's actual birthday.  the day revolved around his every whim.  just as a birthday should be.

waffles for breakfast, and cupcakes at preschool:

a lunch date and playtime at the mall "place place" as the activity of choice:

and dinner with the family at Organ Stop Pizza:

grey was slightly taken back by the dancing cats. 
you thought I was joking.  I was not.

mack loved it. 
happy birthday to my sweet three year old.  sadly, he's now almost four.  whew.  I'm behind.

a found treasure at the playground:

the "almost house." we had an offer on this short sale for three months.  on tuesday we got email saying the sale was on track to close within two weeks.  on wednesday we got an email saying the house sold at auction.  I cried for several days.  it needed some fixing up, but I had big plans for this charming house.  in the end, I'm happier with the place we found, but I'm putting up the pictures for memory's sake.  

and, lastly, halloween.  my boys make my heart melt.  mack loved his taxi driver costume.  It wasn't all that functional (um, he couldn't sit down in the car, so every time we got in and out, we had to remove and put on the costume).  and grey is just the cutest penguin mary poppins and bert ever had the pleasure of meeting.

happy halloween!  what?  you don't want to celebrate last year's halloween this september?  I can't imagine why not. :)


Jamie said...

Cute cute! Love all the pictures! Even if they are old! Mack is adorable!

Steph said...

2 things.
First, Grey has changed so much! He's darling.
Second. I have another friend, last name Jones, blog called "Keeping up with the Joneses", two little boys, just named her baby Grey.

A Geeky Girl said...

You have beautiful children. :-)

Annalece said...

Love this!!! Who cares if you're behind...I love it.