Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011: june.

As you may have figured, my photos have gotten away from me. I am SEVEN months behind. adjusting to two children threw me for a loop, but the camera still followed us everywhere we went, so here's a snapshot of june.

my big boy getting all potty trained.  those little buns in the big boy undies are adorable.  there were some dark hours, but overall it's wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be. thanks to my amazing mother who helped with every step of the process...

grey's first trip to california:

sidewalk chalk on the back patio:

evening errands:

water play:

our weekly trip to the "beautiful carwash:"

night time swims with daddy:

rides on scootie.  he bit the dust, so this photo is in remembrance. 

father's day for the best daddys (including the one not pictured):

non-stop car play in the HOT, HOT weather:

afternoon swims with daddy:

many a snuggle with my cute baby.

aunt carli's birthday and the cake that didn't survive the 30 minute car ride:

more heat-escaping activities:

a trip to utah to celebrate a new sister (more to come in July):

...and an amazing father:

even though I'm months behind, I'm glad the photos exist and they're there for me to look back on.  one of the many reasons I love photography... 
coming soon: july, august, september... you get the picture.  but most importantly: a growth post of my littlest, and my favorite quotes from my hilarious three year old.  :)


Radiant Red said...

LOVE! your family is beautiful!

MJ said...

Can't wait. You guys are so awesome. We miss you so much.

And, I'm pretty sure Aaron ended up with a pair of Mack's awesome undies. Sorry. We will get them back to you...if you want them. :)