Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011: july.

july was full of family, fun and the fulfillment of firsts.  a baptism, a wedding, a week in utah bursting at the seams with celebrations, and preparations for yet another wedding.  check it out. 

the baptism... or at least the photos commemorating the age of eight:

family pictures at the new sister's house in park city:

older cousins teaching the younguns the ways of football stats (and apparently beautiful jewelry):

the fourth with friends:

 wedding preparations on grandpa's farm:

and of course, the wedding itself: 



the trip home:


bath time:

tummy time:

brother time:


play time:

nap time:

visits to daddy's office:


balloon releases:


a friendly gift from a firefighter at the gas station:


 and more snuggling with my baby boy:

in the middle of it all, we took a trip up north to shoot my a beautiful bride in the woods of the white mountains. seeing as the beautiful bride also happens to be DJ's sister, we made a weekend of it:








...then drove home in an electrical storm:

 ...and arrived home to find a haboob:

the month was topped off with my favorite thing in the world--quality time with my boys:

whew!  it was a busy one.  
still wanting those photos of the little one?  
they're coming.  promise.


Beth Curtis said...

just so you know I am lovin' the posts! The engagement sesh is to die for!

Annalece said...

Love every single picture! How fun. All the bright colors makes me feel like summer so keep those summertime posts coming!

kristen said...

they got married!? (your brother) that makes me so happy!