Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the antics of august.

if I were to sum up august in one word it would be busy.  extremely busy.  I shot three weddings in two weeks--one of which was in pittsburgh, the second was booked one week prior to the wedding, and the third was DJ's sister's (so I functioned as bridesmaid, mommy, photographer, and singer).  throw on top of that a bridal shower, my church calling, and teaching preschool, and HOURS of retouching and you've got one full plate.  oh yes, and I took care of an almost-three-year-old and a two month old baby.  I was tired.  but, I was also happy.  lots of good things happened in the month of august.  here's the run down:

the never ending play time of the mackers:

mack with the adoring grey.  grey loves mack so much.  the most, in fact.  definitely more than me.  definitely (except when he's being attacked by his older brother, in which case, he prefers his mother).

mackers starts preschool.  he's old. 

carli's bridal shower.  DJ's family is incredibly talented.  we banded together and came up with a fun little evening.  check it out:
invitations (double sided, printed on linen paper):
the decor: 
drink labels made in photoshop. incredible carved veggie display by DJ's grandma. 

DJ's aunt hosted and provided the amazing decor.  daisy sandwiches by a family friend.

I made the chocolate covered oreos following this tutorial (not as easy as she makes it out to be.  time consuming, but they were a hit, so... I guess they were worth it?), and DJ's mom provided the super yummy lemon bars. 
the prints were made in photoshop (which functioned as decor and my gift).  you can download the 5x7 print by right-clicking this photo:
the other was personalized, so if you'd like the PSD to personalize it for someone else, email me at libbijones at gmail dot com:

and, as is tradition in DJ's family when a grandchild gets married, his grandma gave carli an incredible quilt made just for her. 
whew!  I love me a good party.

more mack play time:

the first of the three weddings:
(to be honest, I can't remember if this my photo or my second shooter's, but it's representative either way)

a sister-in-law comes home from her mission for the lds church to get surgery on her knee.  she was home for the wedding, got the surgery, recovered, and is already back out.  I'm that far behind. 

this little man continues to love bath time:

a visit to one of my favorite places on earth.  I love the 'burgh. 
I got myself some ice cream, and got to work.  

bridals first:

and a few of the wedding day:

hurried home just in time for a rainy day trip to the temple:

...and a wedding dinner:

...and a wedding:


we love chris and carli.  they're perfect for each other, and chris is a great addition to the jones clan.  yay for happy couples.  :)

back to reality.  mack still loves his letters:

uh-hmmm.  some of those were written by his mother... obviously.

stake beehives night:

mack's winnings from the wedding.  one giant balloon that floated around our house for two weeks until it mysteriously popped and ended up in the garbage can. 

cutest cinnamon bun belly button ever made.  ever.

I love babies.  a lot.  I love toddlers too, but babies just make my heart go pitter-patter.  at three months, grey started interacting, and I just couldn't takes my eyes off him.  if you looked his way, he would treat you with the biggest smile you've ever seen.  mmmmm, makes me happy just thinking of it.  here's the little guy at three months old hanging in the crib:

for his three month shoot, we headed over to my favorite studio, and caught some photos.  first up: recreating a shot from mack's three month shoot.  you think they're brothers?

preschool time with mack and his four little friends:

we sang, read, played, and tried really hard to learn.  grey did this:

last up, a trip to the children's museum with some friends. mack discovered imaginative play:

grey discovered these trip are long... and tiring:

all in all, it was a good month.  busy, but happy.  are you tired of me yet?  this catching up stuff is hard work.  only 1000 pictures to go... :)


Red Bucket List said...

Such a great month and you did a wonderful job with beautiful photos to always remember. Such talent Libby.

Lisa said...

I love your photos. I love how beautifully you capture it.

Radiant Red said...

Your are so talented. Such a lovely family and adorable children. Way to go super mom!

tulsi said...

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