Thursday, March 10, 2011

friends, family & food.

these three words sum up our past two weeks: friends, family & food.  all of them good, all of them indispensable, and all of them oh-so-enjoyable.   

on our daily walk (which has turned into more of a run for the little one these days).

dinner with the fam.  we made the most of every last moment with Tawni before she left. 

mack was more interested in the cat wandering around the grounds of the restaurant than making lasting memories, but what can you do?

post traumatic melt-down at stake conference.  we only made it through 55 minutes of the two hours, but I'm telling myself the important part is that we tried.  I'll keep telling myself that.

with aunt tawni pre and post hair-cut.  they're going to miss each other.

busy day.  first up: dentist appointment for me.  we got the royal treatment.  mack even watched a movie on the floor of the exam room while dj worked on me.  oh yes, then he threw an awful tantrum that included screaming, crying, and head butting dj while he was drilling in my mouth.
oh so lovely. 

up next: celebrating Dr. McDreamy's birthday with the office staff.  I had nothing to do with the cake or the nickname, but I'll take them both.  :)

and lastly: a dinner birthday celebration for deej/last supper for the newly set apart missionary. 

had the itch to shoot some photos of my little guy.  it was quite the adventure.  we even got the cops called on us.  but, we got the pictures, and I don't have any criminal activity added to my record, so I guess we came out on top.  :)

he wasn't particularly excited about the photo shoot (he takes after his daddy, I guess), but we got something none the less.  

oh yes, and here's the 27 week belly.  
activity days.  we had a little "day of beauty."  we talked about being beautiful inside and out, then had some "spa treatments" for the girls.  
some loved it:

some tolerated it:

and then moved on to more interested things.  :)
you win some, you lose some, I guess.  :)

my daily afternoon snack.  the doctor tells me I can have 12 ounces per day, so I take those 12 ounces very seriously.  it's always served in a cup, with ice, and preferably with some kind of sugar-free flavoring.  it makes me happy (don't be mad, dad). 

again, just enjoying the beautiful weather and my crazy child. 

a milestone for our meili (dj's name for his car).  when we got married she had 64,000 miles on her.  she's been through a lot with us. 

photos of a family friend.  I couldn't help but share them.  isn't she just the cutest??

the organization bug bit me.  DJ and I took everything out of every closet in the house, threw things away, gave things away, and reorganized the remaining items.  feels good to have a little more order in our closets, and some extra space in the baby's room. 

just documenting mack's eating habits as of late.  apparently he has turned into some kind of bird.  do birds eat yogurt?? 

we're at 28 weeks, people.  bring on the third trimester! 

received a surprise gift in the mail from a dear friend.  it made my day.  isn't it so beautiful?  I'm wearing it to the wedding I'm shooting this evening.  speaking of, time to get out the door and on my way.  
wish me luck.  :)


kristen said...

diet coke... my one true love. also gets me through the afternoon. Ü why have i never thought to add vanilla flavor to it!? i love that stuff in italian sodas.

ps... do i spot "our purse" in one of the pictures? am i such a creeper!?

Erin said...

Where, oh where did you get that cute white dress? I think I need one.

Brooklet said...

what on earth did you get the cops called on you for? trespassing?? Ah, the adventures of a fearless photographer.

And the organization bug- I'd call that nesting. You look so beautiful entering your third trimester. Just lovely.

Amy F said...

Yes... wondering what the cops incident is all about too...

I love these pictures of Mackers. Oh, he is cute.

Glad he got to spend good time with Tawni before she left.

Dr. McDreamy?? Happy Birthday! What a cake!!

Rach said...

Ok, Mack in that little cardigan and blazer? So dang cute. Great pictures!

BusyMama said...

Who would call the cops on a cute pregnant girl taking pictures of her cute son? Please explain.

DJ pulls off the Dr. McDreamy look quite well, especially with the dreamy tint of the photo. Love it!

MJ said...

What a sweet friend. And, you are so cute--I love seeing your belly. You look awesome, as always.

And, could Mack be any cuter? I need to get out and shoot some pics of my guys--not that they will be anything like yours, but you inspired me.

And, can I call him Owen?

Majid Ali said...

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