Wednesday, April 6, 2011

napping is for sissies.

I feel I need to clarify a few things from my last post:
1. DJ's assistants did NOT give him the name "dr. mcdreamy."  one of his 70 year old patients did, and it stuck.  :)
2. Yes, mack and I got the cops called on us, but not because we were doing something we knew to be wrong.  it turns out there is no signage delineating the line between city property and the Indian reservation just south of us.  I was, unknowingly, taking pictures of mack on the reservation.  a not-very-kind lady let me know, but only after calling the cops, giving them my license plate number, and telling me how incredibly disrespectful I was being. ugh.
3. someone asked where I got my white dress.  it was from old navy, but it is last season.  I just went there today though, and they have a bunch of cute dresses right now, and a fantastic sale going on.  you should check it out. 

there you have it.  :)

now on to the latest happenings.  first off, mack has decided napping is for sissies.  so he just doesn't.  but he needs it.  a lot.  he's the craziest/orneriest child in the world when he doesn't get his nap.  that also makes for a crazy/ornery mommy... and much less time on the computer.  so, that's why I've been MIA for the past few weeks.  enough for the excuses.  here we go:
this beautiful bride is DJ's cousin.  these two have been on the path towards marriage for years.  we;re all so happy for them.  don't they make a lovely couple?

*cell phone pic*
lunch with the deej down in the big house.  ironically, I was celebrating my minimal weight gain from the previous month with a concrete mixer.  it was yummy and worth it.

the annual ostrich festival.  yes, ostrich festival.  they have ostrich races (the birds actually pull jockeys on chariots.  what?!?!?), ostrich displays, ostrich history, and of course a carnival, petting zoo, and theme park food... because that all goes together perfectly.  strangely, I didn't get one picture of the ostriches.  but here's what I did capture:

their apparent disdain for pregnant and intoxicated people... because that's the same thing.  didn't you know?

mack's excitement for the rides... which quickly turned to complete and utter disinterest.

...until we got to the petting zoo.  he loved every moment of feeding the animals.  he'd exclaim, "EWWW!!! they ate the food off my hand!!!"  then he'd laugh, and run to the next animal to give them some more food.  :)

the whole festival reminded me of the Fiesta Days from my youth... minus the ostriches.  but, it did get me excited about making fun new traditions in our place of residence. 

29 weeks.  11 to go.

cloud gazing at sunset with his papa.  so sweet.

the "swides."  a regular occurrence for us.   

a late night walk with daddy.  because dj works long hours right now, I often keep mack up past his bedtime so he can spenda few minutes with daddy after he gets home.  that may account for some of the crazy/ornery going on in our household, but moments like this make it all worth it.  my heart melts watching my boys together.
happy st. patricks day!  we celebrated with rainbow vests, green shoes, and a gourmet dinner of lucky charms.  :)
check out the little one on st. patricks day 2009: 
I can't believe how old he is.  sunrise... sunset...

a sneak peek at the baby's bedding.  it's done, on the crib, and I'm so excited about it!  but, the final product won't be shown until the whole nursery is complete.  it's getting close. 

*maternity photos taken by the deej.*
I drug dj out into the dessert to try to document my ever growing belly.  he did an incredible job capturing the surroundings.  thanks deej!  the scarf was my grandmother's.  I've been trying to think of a way to incorporate it into a shoot for a while.  I think it works perfectly in this setting.  there are a TON of pictures from the shoot, but I just to share a few:

30 weeks.  10 to go.

my cute guy in his "skinny jeans."  do you call them skinny jeans when the subject is still hanging onto quite a bit of baby chub??  I love his baby chub, don't get me wrong, but I had to buy TWO sizes up for the "skinnies" to work.  :)

you're gonna love me.  you're going to love me so much, you're going to sing my praises from the rooftops.
let me introduce you to mr. brazillian lemonade.  mr. brazillian lemonade is my current favorite pregnancy craving.  I'm not going to lie and tell you he's good for you in any way, because it's not, but he couldn't be yummier.  here's the recipe:

4 juicy limes - thin skinned limes are best
1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water
1 large can sweetened condensed milk (I use half a can, and substitute regular milk for the other half to cut down on some of the sugar in the drink)

Wash limes thoroughly with soap and water.  cut the ends off the limes, then cut each lime into 8ths.
Place half the limes in the blender.  Add half the sugar water.  Place lid on blender, and pulse five times.  Place a fine-mesh strainer over a pitcher (the one you'll serve the lemonade in) and pour the blended mixture through the strainer into the pitcher.  Use a spoon to press the rest of the liquid through the strainer.  Discard the pulp.  Repeat with remaining limes and sugar water.  Add sweetened condensed milk.

Serve immediately over lots of crushed ice (my current favorite is sonic ice, of course).  Serves 4-6. 

This recipe comes from the cookbook "Stir Things Up" written by my good friend's sister.  every recipe I've tried from the cookbook is delicious.  if you'd like a copy, let me know and I'll get you in contact with the right people.  :)

a rare rainy day in Arizona.  mack and I went out bare footed and splashed in puddles.  it was wonderful.

the paint color of choice for the nursery.  again, it's all painted, but I just want to wait to show the whole nursery when everything is done.  :)

my crazy child and his faces of choice for the camera these days:

yesterday, we discussed daddy's vocation.  mack tells people that dj "works on the patients" for his job.  I told him that means he a dentist.  when I asked him what my job was he said, "you take pictures of mack."  true, true, little boy. 

the craigslist find to be up-cycled for the baby's room...

31 weeks.  9 to go.

the painted, recovered, up-cycled lamp.  I love spray paint.  thank you Home Depot.

the "all american beer and barbeque festival."  sounds like the perfect place for a pregnant lady, don't you think?  while no beer was sampled, the bbq was delicious.  the real purpose for going, however, was to hear one of dj's favorite high school bands, reel big fish.  I was surprised how many of their songs I knew.  I guess that's what I get for having three older brothers.

there was much drinking (as you can imagine), much smoking, much marijuana, and much moshing.  I just stood there quietly, trying not to breath, and protecting my tummy from all the crazies.  all in all, it was a great show, and I loved how excited dj was.  check it out:

just some snuggle/reading time with daddy on a lazy afternoon.

met up with some family to play disc golf. 

I mostly followed mack around while he chased after his aunt "carwee..." 

... and tried so hard to imitate her.  :)
he was very good at picking the flowers to share with his MiMi though.  what a cute boy.

story time with the little one:

... and pictures of this guy:

playing on the floor in daddy's office waiting room, patiently waiting for our weekly lunch outing. 

my favorite semi-annual weekend of the year.  I love general conference weekend with all my heart.  we started ours out with these yummy lemon poppyseed pancakes...

... and continued the weekend with mack asking to be a "snuggle bug" (one of his favorite activities these days) and exclaiming "monson!!" every time he heard the prophet's name mentioned on the television.  other than that, I don't think he paid much attention to what was going on.  when I wasn't snuggling with mack, I was feverishly working on the curtains for the baby's room.  they ended up being much more time-consuming than I originally envisioned, but check out the finished product....
...a portion of them anyway. :)  they'll be fully revealed with the nursery unveiling.  

32 weeks.  8 to go.  he's coming.  I can't wait.  :)

that's it  (I know what you're thinking--finally!!).  thanks for sticking it out.  :)  hopefully the crazy child will decide naps are for good little boys, and I'll get back on a regular schedule.  one can hope, right??


Kelda said...

I love your posts and pictures! Wish I was as organized with pictures as you! So I painted our nursery grey and it looks more blue, mind sharing what paint you used? Also, what wide angle lens do you use, looking into getting one. Thanks ;)

Stephen said...

um....more pictures from the pregnant photo shoot, please. your hair is so cute. i want to see more, please.

Elise B. said...

You're so creative. And all those recipes look so good. I can't wait to try them! YUM!

Jill T said...

Libby, that purple dress is beautiful! Where did you get it?

And funny, I've been loving braz. lemonade too. I made it for our gourmet night last month. Good stuff!

kristen said...

Oh my gosh! Grey with an "E" is one of our top boy names too!! We might have twin Grey's... (I guess I'd actually have to have a boy first though). Does that mean it's getting popular or we both just have incredibly, unique, stylish taste!?

Stephanie said...

We had the same problem with Hyrum and napping. He just one day decided he was done, even though we knew he needed it. So, I decided to put a Disney movie he knew really well (Aladdin)on at the same time every day and enforced the rule that he had a choice to lay in his bed or watch the movie with his head on the pillow. If he sat up I would threaten him with sitting in his room. I would put the volume on 4 so he could barely hear it, and then I would lay down next to him and take a nap. After about 3 days he was back to napping. He is almost 4 and more often than not takes 2 hour naps every day. Although I still have to do a movie, head on the pillow, and volume down routine. I no longer have to lay down next to him though, and I switch to a different movie every few months. He is usually out within the first 5 minutes of the movie.

Emily said...

1) When I move to New York this summer will you tell uncle Stevie to take me shopping for rainbow vests?
2) The desert shoot is stunning, so gorgeous. Would love to see a few more photos.
3) Brazilian lemonade is officially on my to-do list.
4) You're nesting, I can't wait to see the final projects.
5) I will consume the beer for you :)
6) I'm glad to see you and your family looking happy and healthy. Can't wait to meet the new guy, whatever his name is, someday soon...

Julia said...

This is the sweetest post every!! Your maternity pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are a goddess! I hope to have a little baby Grey in my future soon too....although I have a few more years :) I love the gentle way you talk about your growing baby. So sweet!
Congrats! Can't wait for more!


Brittany said...

I can't wait to see the nursery! The pieces look fabulous. We are coming down Easter weekend. If you are in town maybe we can see you guys.

Brittany said...

Oh and those Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes are THE BEST! We love them

Amy F said...

Cuteness abounds. Everywhere. And yumminess. And beauty. And excitement and anticipation. I would LOVE to be one of the Frandsens who comes to see you next week.

And I'm jealous that they'll get to see the nursery in real life. Send pictures fast!

And I agree with Stevie... more maternity pictures. Love it.

Katie said...

Great blog. It's night time so I'll be quick. Mack's tall. Love the dress/shawl combo. Cute lamp. Looking like one hot mama. DJ works on the patients. Need a nap. Me too. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon...

kami said...

You look absolutely GORGEOUS in those pregnancy, beautiful!! I love all the pictures. And I'm drooling over the pancakes...lemon and poppyseed is one of my fav flavor combinations. Let's get together soon!

The Lady said...

That little man is killing me! I love it when you post new pictures of the little man because his facial expressions are so hilarious! I love it! I think I've seen YOU pull a few of those faces :)

I love all of those name choices. SOOO FUN! He is going to be here before you know it...and it's a good thing because I am getting incredibly antsy to see the final nursery all put together! I am loving all the pieces you've put together so far. I heard a little rumor that you are going to be here in a few days? True?

MJ said...

OH please stop making me wait to see the pictures of the nursery!!! And, I love you. You and your baby thoughts, your little mack and your sweet hubby. You're all just amazing.

Love Mason--great names to choose from. I can't wait to see you soon.

Dad (TMF) said...

You are as beautiful in person as you are in pcitures.

agame said...

love your pics!!! :) and ur babie is really sweet!! :)

Taylor said...

i can't believe i came across your blog from reading some of our friends. it is good to see your family grow. your boy is freakin' adorable, and you look beautiful as ever pregnant! im so happy for you. congrats libby!

Michele said...

You look beautiful Libby...Only 8 weeks to go...that is crazy. Good luck with everything!

Beth Curtis said...

Hey Libby!
Found your blog, super cute!