Thursday, February 24, 2011


we've been cooped up at home for four days with a feverish, coughing, congested little man.  so, there has been a lot of snuggling, movie watching, cleaning (what else am I going to do??), more snuggling, scheming over the new baby's room, and many, MANY melt downs by the little one.  I'm feeling sad for my little guy, and I can't wait until he feels better.  in the mean time, he is sleeping, and I'm catching up on the highs and lows that have been february.

let's start out with that arizona mountain get away...

everyone sped off the the slopes on first thing saturday morning, so mack and I came up with some activities.  first up: snow play.  mack was so excited to play in the snow.  emphasis on *was.*

he lasted less than five minutes.
so, we ditched the snow and headed to the bowling alley. 
he wanted nothing to do with my help, and {consequently} the balls were moving much too slowly for his taste.  but he tried...

got bored...

and lasted until the tenth frame.  then he ran away leaving me to finish out his game. 
a solid 62.  not bad for a two year old, eh?

back on home turf.  just a beautifully perfect sunset.  no photoshop here, people.  this is au naturel. 

mack partaking of grandpatty's super yummy valentine's treats.
no picture of our actual celebration.  on the menu: a candlelight dinner with chicken tikka masala, lemon asparagus, diet coke with sugar free vanilla syrup, and chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, short cake, and other such yummies.  I love any reason to have a candlelight dinner.

dj surprised me with the best. gift. ever.  seriously, the best. this little baby was in the mail coming MY WAY. 
I honestly involuntarily jumped when he told me. then I obsessively checked the tracking on the package for the next seven days straight.  she's here now.  I love her.  oh how I love her.  I love my husband even more for taking the leap and getting her for me.  he's the best.

hanging out with my little toe walker.  he thinks he's really funny when he walks on his toes.  it actually is really funny.  you should see it.  anyone wanna come down for a visit?

later that day: started a project with a friend.

mack tried out his new shirt from mimi.  he loves his "mean monkey shirt."  I guess he does look a little intimidating.  :)

trying to be more creative in my tummy documenting. 

mack wanted in on the action, of course.

but, in the end, I resorted to the usual.  shows more continuity, I guess.

hair cut.  the before is quite literally rolled-out-of-bed hair.  feels good to finally get my hair cut and colored.  it's been a while, folks.  I'm kind of embarrassed to even say when the last time was.  let's just say I didn't even know I was pregnant.  yup.  a long time ago. 

celebrating this guy's birthday.

mack was impressed by the chocolate frosting, but wanted nothing to do with the cake.  I guess he's a normal child.

missionary barbie's farewell day + small gathering for family and close friends.  you should have heard her speak in her ward.  it was inspiring. 
plus, who wouldn't be in love with these cute missionary cupcakes??  add that to the teal and red themed party with yummy food, and some great peeps, and you've got a winning combination. 

I may or may not have forgotten to take pictures of the people.  oopsies.

a trip to my incredibly handsome and talented dentist.  I highly recommend him.

oh, and guess what was waiting for me when I got home?  that's right.  my new baby girl (not literally, people.  I'm having a boy, remember?).  I couldn't bring myself to push the shutter down.  I just pointed her at things, and focused the camera for a long time.  a really long time.  it took me until 3:00 the next day to actually take a picture.  I just wanted the first picture to be special.  do I sound like a crazy person?  maybe I am.  

this is the first picture.  turns out it wasn't anything too out of the ordinary.  just capturing my little guy on one of his sick days sitting in mommy's bed enjoying finding nemo.  why is mommy's bed always better, anyway?

and here's the second picture.  can't you just see the sickness in his eyes?  they've been half-way open like that for the last four days.  he's sicky.  he needs lots of extra tender love and care.  my poor little man.

entering day three of isolation due to macko's sickness.  finished up some projects I've been putting off.  my kitchen/dining/living area has been feeling dark to me lately, so I introduced some new color into it.  I found the tablecloth on clearance at target ($9.00. woot).  bought the two frames and the mirror for half off at hobby lobby.  turned one into a "white board," and recovered the other to become a little reminder board.  left the mirror as I bought it.  I liked the contrast.

recovered my throw pillows with these super cute pillow covers introduced to me by my SIL, and given to me by little sis at Christmas.  I believe there's a fourth on its way (birthday gift from the other SIL).  if I'm correct, it's somewhere between here and india.  I'm one lucky sister.

isolation day 4: pulled out the bubble bath.  gave mack a good hour of entertainment.   I love you bubbles. 

here's hoping the sickness leaves as soon as possible.  I'm ready to have my happy little guy back.  oh, and I wouldn't mind getting out of the house either. 

I guess I should be thanking blogger for acting as my social interaction for the week.  
thanks blogger.  
anyone wanna come over and talk to me through the door?? 


kristen said...

i wanna come over and talk to you through the door, cute pregnant lady. Ü

paul said...

wow dj. very nice gift..:)

Steph said...

i heart your blog. Your pictures are always so great! Some people think they are photographers and post run-of-the-mill pictures everywhere - but yours are for real! Best of luck with the baby!!

Seidi said...

I'm super jealous of your v-day gift. Tell D.J. he's super nice. I made sure to show Danny. :) I'll try calling you tomorrow. Sorry I missed your call the other day!

BusyMama said...

Down with the sickies! So over that. Your decorations (all of them) are to die for. As is your basketball belly and tiny body. :)

paul said...

Love the belly pics. And the Macko pics (even his sick eyes are cute), and the DJ in action pic, and the decor pics. Looks like you are adding your special touches to your home... so fun. And so Libby. And your other pillow IS on its way from India. Tell me when it gets there! :) I ordered 5 for myself... :)

Amy F said...

Oh, that was from me... :)

Anonymous said...

That sunset it unbelievable! Wow! I'm pretty jealous of your warm weather down there. I love what you did with the frames and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be purchasing some throw pillow covers very soon. Thanks for the link!

MJ said...

Beautiful--all of it. Except for the fact that Mack is sick. Seriously, how are you and everything you touch so beautiful? Amazing.

MJ said...

ps. I'm so glad you married the Deej. What a good man.