Friday, February 11, 2011

mack, church, mack, san diego, mack, the story time thief, mack, and big fishies.

if there has ever been cause to wonder what and who my life revolves around, I think this post will officially solve the riddle.

I am a mommy.
my life revolves around my son. 
I love it.

there are times I'm busy with life, and he doesn't actually show up in the frame of the shot, but he's always there--either right outside the frame, or at the fore-front of my mind.  so, if it seems all I do is take pictures of macko for this 365 project, it's because he is my world.  day in, day out.  :)

lots to share:

I have the pleasure of working with these cute girls every two weeks.  they're funny, sweet, hyper, boy-crazy, and full of life.  they make me happy.  this activity happened to be a dinner with their mothers.

our first story time at the chandler library.  we will be returning... a lot.  they do a fantastic job.  mack loved every second. 

scooter rides with daddy.  I have a *tiny* panic attack every time they pull out of the driveway, but they both love it, and you've got to choose your battles, right??

the "big shishees."  mack now asks nearly every day to go back and see them. 

it's always so fun until we have to leave. 
see what I mean??

I had the pleasure of taking photos for some of DJ's family.  you've never seen more beautiful girls, a more beautiful location, or more breath taking architecture. 

engagements for this cute couple:

this beautiful girl also happens to be DJ's cousin.  it was so fun to spend an hour with her and her cute fiance. 

right after nap time with "mister bear."  mister bear is his favorite stuffed companion.  lately, before naps and bedtime he says, "I wuv you mr. bear.  nigh-night."  it makes me smile every time.  although, I'm not quite sure why he had to choose the largest stuffed animal available to him.  :)

children's museum time.  he told me he was making me "swambled eggs wif cheese."
thanks mack.  you're the best.
{no one tell him how much I hate scrambled eggs.  he'll be heartbroken.}

return to story time.   mack was sick with a nasty cold.  I figured he could attend story time since he'd be on my lap and wouldn't interact with any other kiddos.  however, I made several fatal mistakes:
1. I gave him sugared cereal for breakfast.  
BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME, I never give him sugared cereal; however, I had some in the house as a treat for me (hey, it's my alternative to donuts, okay?  I'm really craving the sweets right now).  he's just a big kid, and he probably doesn't need the extra calories.  oh yeah, and it's really not all that good for him.  but, I felt badly for him since he was sick, and he really wasn't eating much due to his cold.  so I gave him the yummy stuff.  alright.  disclaimer finished. 
2. I allowed him to bring a snack catcher full of cereal with us.
3. I allowed him to bring the cereal into story time.  he begged, I felt bad (again), and I let him bring it.
it was disastrous.  from the judgy looks coming from the other library moms (give me a break, people), to mack spilling the cereal on the floor (more judgy looks), to me trying to convince him to let me hold it for him, the whole thing was not a happy experience.  then came the cereal thief.
take a look:
it was quite the scene.  lesson learned.  mack does not get to take treats to story time.
now I know.

mack's favorite game of trying on "mommy's gwasses."
he's cute.

girls' weekend with DJ's sisters and mom.
drove to san diego to go to this beautiful place only to learn that it was closed for cleaning.  awww, dang.  but we made the best of it, and got some pretty pictures.  :)

the church's Mormon Batallion site in old towne san diego.  it's pretty awesome.  you should go. 

missionary pictures for this beautiful girl:

I know, I know, the rest aren't really "sister missionary-ish," but I couldn't help it.  she's like missionary barbie.

just some macko dancing action for you. 

activity days.  this is pretty representative of our time together every 14 days.  this week's activity: photography lessons.  gotta teach what you know, right??  :)

home made cookies and valentines (decorated by the macko, of course) for family far away.  it would have cost me SIXTY-EIGHT DOLLARS to get them to everyone on time, so they'll be late... and probably stale.  but pretend to be surprised, mm-kay?  you don't have to pretend to like the stale cookies though.  that's asking a little much.

two pictures for today:
25 weeks.  15 to go.  come on baby, get here.
truth be told, I'm feeling a little down on pregnancy this week.  I won't list all the reasons.  let's just say I know it's a blessing to be pregnant, but it's gotten me a little down the last few days.  I can do it.  15 weeks left.  I can do it.  

mack doing the "sneaky peaky."  he thinks he's pretty funny.  I do too.

that's what we've been up to.  
we're headed up to the arizona mountains for some snowy weather + hot chocolate + family time.  can't wait to get all snuggly in my hoodie and sweat pants. 
hope you have a wonderful weekend too.  :)


Amanda said...

Bleh. Pregnancy. Feeling your pain. Hope the next 15 weeks are quick and painless :)

BusyMama said...

If it's any consolation, you're rocking the cute pregnant girl look. You may feel cruddy, but you look good doing it. And Mack is awesome. That's all. :)

Katie said...

Love the big shishees and I'm totally with Mack - don't mess with me and my food. You my dear look Aaaamazing for only having 15 weeks left. Remember our conversation the other day? All sympathy is revoked as it's NOT needed. (Okay, you can keep some just because being pregnant isn't always fun but really, you look smashing.) Sending lots of love to Sunny AZ.

Amy F said...

It is so cute (and a little depressing) how you are excited to go to the mountains to get some snow.

Love the every day with Macko.

And seeing your cute belly. Thanks for enduring another pregnancy to bring us another cousin!

We will love our valentines. I always wonder how gross ours end up once they reach their destination... but I'll know my kiddos will gobble yours up! :)

Rach said...

I love your pictures! And I also love your son's name, if we ever have a boy, that is one of our top choices. No joke. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, you can do it girl!

Dad (TMF) said...

Snow in southern AZ?

The Dorny Family said...

It's always fun to look through your pictures and catch up on your lives. It seems like pregnancies only fly by when they aren't your own, but you will make it. I have a question. Who was the printer you really liked here in Pgh and do they print on canvas? Let me know if you get a chance.

MJ said...

OH, I've been waiting for a post to see your every day with Macko. Thanks so much for the Valentines. Atrain has been able to tell me "happy Valentines day" all month long. Really...he said it again today. WE LOVED the valentines. THank you.

And, you are beautiful. I need to chat with you soon. I need a good Libby fix. Love you.