Saturday, February 27, 2010

babies, baby showers and more babies.

lots of babies coming here in pittsburgh.  that means lots of baby showers, and lots of invitations.  I was lucky to be able to help out with a couple of them.  all I did for the first shower was an invitation, and provide the place.
nicole (the host of the shower) came up with the idea for the invitation, and I love the way it turned out.  
isn't kimi such a beautiful expectant mother?

I was delinquent when it came to pictures of the shower.  I did get a shot of the group:
...and the 7 pregnant girlies there.

the second shower was more my baby (excuse the horrible pun).
Invites (printed on iridescent "pearl paper"):
they were my first attempt at creating animals using photoshop.  uhh... a little more difficult than one might think. 
gratefully, there were lots of people that offered to help, so I didn't make any of the food, just decorated and cleaned.  that's the way I prefer it.  :)
welcome babies!  see you oh-so-soon!


Melinda Frandsen said...

Sheesh Libs! Do you ever do anything that isn't amazing? Seriously, this shower belongs in a magazine. I LOVE the invitation and the adorable animals. Way to go!

Thompson Family said...

So I haven't talked to you in forever! I see that your house is up for sale, hope everything is going well! It will be so sad to see you all leave.

Amy said...

Pittsburgh tradition lives on! Oh the babies and the many baby showers. You did a great job with both invites... you are so talented. So who are all the 7 pregos?

Brooklet said...

wow, so amazing. All of it. I love the idea of having a picture of the expectant mother on the invite- because what a treat it is for her to always have that beautiful picture of her while she was pregnant.

And the jungle party- wow! Love it all. It does belong in a magazine!

melanie said...

very cute invites! I also love the idea of Kimi's invite! And the jungle one is very cute also. I know how much work those simple little photoshop creations can be!! You have such a good eye for design too!

Amy F said...

Almost makes me want to have another baby so you can do the invites to a shower.


JoDell said...

Very cute! I love the invitations. It's kind of crazy for me to see that group picture. I only recognize four or five people! I know that Pittsburgh ward has a ton of turn over, but I didn't realize how much it changes in just a year and a half! I loved those Pittsburgh baby showers. So fun! Glad the tradition still lives on.

Dad (TMF) said...

Any; You may have the shower here!