Sunday, February 28, 2010

proportionate monster

even though he is already 16 months, I couldn't resist posting these pictures we took back in January.  here's my happy little guy showing off his mad walking/running/destroying skills.
for record's sake, let it be known that at his 15 month appointment, these were his stats:
weight: 98th percentile
height: 95th percentile
head size: 96th percentile
he's a monster.  a cute one.  but a big, big monster.  at least he's a proportionate monster.
every week this little guy is a new child.  he's learning so much and growing so fast.

my favorite thing he does right now?  every time I change his diaper, he looks up and me, and innocently says, "eewwwweeee," with this girly little squeal.  it's adorable.  I mean, take away the fact that I'm changing a diaper, and it's super cute.

among other things, he's just getting into cars, and he still loves his books.  he dances every time music comes on.  today, he was even jamming out to the hymns during sacrament meeting.  he definitely takes after his daddy.

here's my cute little guy:

we love you macko.  you make every day exciting.  :)


Tawn said...

Can't get over how big he is and how much he is changing! He is still the cutest thing I have ever seen! I miss him! I really want to make it out one more time before you guys leave Pittsburgh. Once I finish this season, Ill start working on it :) Love you!

Carls said...

I love these pics! You can see his funny personality in almost every single one. Can't wait to see you guys again. Loves

Kenna said...

i've gotta say that your little is a heart breaker.


ps. do they have a pharmacy school in PA? if they do, i will tell my J that's where he needs to apply, and we will come buy your house. it's beautiful. :)

melanie said...

ok libby for reals, if I ever have a boy I will hire you to shop for his clothes, I never see such cute stuff in stores as on him. He is a CUTIE by the way.

Amy F said...

I love the Macko Monster. He even growls... bonus!

Love these pictures. Now that he is vertical, he seems soooo much older!

Wright Bunch said...

Seriously... I want to eat him. SO ADORABLE!

The Boothes said...

Even if he is a proportionate monster, he is still SUPER CUTE!!!

Dad (TMF) said...

He takes after his Grandpa--Jones, that is.