Friday, February 26, 2010

striped fuzzies

see these socks? not so bad, right? every morning I get up, put on my fuzzy knee length bath robe, a pair of fuzzy socks just like these, go get my eager child out of his crib, and head downstairs to start off the day with some nutritious and yummy breakfast. I'm kind of a creature of habit. I know the knee length robe with the mid calf socks is not a look anyone should rock, but I also know the only people who will see me that way are the people who love me most in the entire world. my husband and my child.
this morning was no exception to my little routine. I got up, put on my robe, put on my fuzzy striped socks, got mack and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. DJ came down, kissed me goodbye, walked out the door and drove away. at that moment, I realized he had taken my car with mack's carseat in the backseat.
you can guess what happened next.
DJ told me he couldn't afford the time it would take to turn around and bring the carseat back, so I threw on some slip-ons, and ran down our incredibly busy street during rush hour. in front of a whole row of stopped cars.
yes. I'm that girl.
on top of that, the carseat was attached with the LATCH system, which I know is super safe and all, but for heaven's sake people! two capable adults working as fast as their fuzzy socks would let them should definitely be able to get it out in less than two minutes!! cars were driving around us, giving us dirty looks, and making me feel generally horrible. as I shamfully walked/ran back to my house with my head down and the carseat in my arms, I thought to myself, "I have arrived. mommyhood, here I am."
that thought was only affirmed later in the morning while I cleaned up poop in the bath tub from my 16 month old. then while I cleaned up broken glass from my favorite frame.
mommyhood, how about taking a little pity on me. pretty please??

**I absolutely know how blessed I am to be a mommy, and I do not discount what an amazing blessing that is in any way. Just sayin'.**


Julia and Ben said...

I bless motherhood. I can't wait for the day that arrives for me too.

My favorite part of this photo is the hair on your left fuzzy sock. So cute and unique.

Ashley said...

Wow, what a morning!

Amy F said...

Oh the mommyhood moments. Brace yourself, Libs. Just sayin'... :)

Dad (TMF) said...

At least you didn't have curlers in your hair!