Tuesday, May 26, 2009


***the starting point for a new state or experience***

I feel renewed today. After a wonderful, wonderful weekend (more to come on that later), I feel energized, excited, and completely renewed. I am singing the praises of my loofah after a good feet scrubbing; I am looking forward to a good scrubbing of my house; and I am so excited to have crossed the threshold into summer.

summer=so you think you can dance. thank you, thank you, thank you. (by the way, if you're in Pittsburgh, I do a SYTYCD group that gets together weekly at different locations to watch either the results or the competition--leave a comment if you want to come and I'll add you to the email list).
summer=barbeques. Yum.
summer=park days.
summer=pool days.
summer=flip flops and shorts.
summer=weekend trips.

I also feel like we've crossed a threshold of another sort. All of the fourth year dental students have left/are leaving within the next few days, and I feel experienced. We are officially the most senior class at the school, and it feels surreal. It's so strange to think we are on the countdown to leaving. I get excited, I feel sad, I get anxious... I guess you could say my emotions are a little confused. But most of all, I'm looking forward to making the most of the next year. I want to explore, travel around the area, hang out with all of our wonderful friends, and eat lots of good pittsburgh cookin'. So I might just be calling you a lot. Be on the lookout. :)

I know I'm a little behind on my Picture A Day project, but don't you worry, the camera has been snapping. It's just the editing that has put me behind. Here are the most recent edits.

April 27th

Flying to Utah to see family. Mack was an angel, and I love Southwest. They are THE BEST when it comes to traveling with kids. I was able to carry on my carseat, and Mack slept most of the time in the seat next to me. (Kristen, don't be mad about the pic. :) ).

April 28th

Mack's six month photo shoot. I've been searching for a pram, and of course my mom had one (unfortunately it's in Utah, which doesn't help me when I'm 1,869 miles away from her). I guess we all eventually become our mothers. Regardless, Isn't he adorable?

April 29th

I took some pictures for a life-long friend while I was in Utah. I couldn't resist sharing the little guy showing his dad how he feels about being wrapped in a University of Utah blanket. :)
To see more of little charlie, click here.

April 30th

Spent an afternoon with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew, Aaron. I loved every second of watching Aaron communicate and get used to his new Cochlear Implant, and I especially loved watching his parents watch him. Amazing family.

So, I hope you are all excited about this new threshold as well. Wanna hang out?


Gina said...

I need to get excited for the "new start" too. Thanks for the attitude check. I want to hang out and come to SYTYCD parties! Keep your phone by you for mad texting during the show!

Richins Family said...

OH MY HECK COUNT ME IN FOR ALL OF IT :) i'm sooo excited summer has finally come (except for today is 57 degrees and pouring) call me anytime you want to play :)

Richins Family said...

PS- those pics of mack are AMAZING :) i love love love them :) i'm excited for you to take haydens sometime :)

Kaylene said...

pick me, pick me! i love that show and bryant won't relinquish control of the remote so count me in!

kristen said...

oh like i didn't copy it from someone else! ha! i want to hang out. but you know i'll be watching sytycd...

kamille said...

i'm so excited for sytycd too!! i like to live vicariously through the dancers...if only i could ever be that good!

Kimi said...

Libby you are an amazing photogropher! I wish I had your skills! And count me in on the SYTYCD nights! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show!!

melinda said...

I love your pictures! Thank you for posting such cute pictures of my little guy. I love them!!! Honestly, how do you do it? When you're here let's plan a few more photo lessons. I learn so much from you!

Fe said...

I'm not too excited about the Utah heat, but I love the changing of the seasons! Great photos, as always! And I love prams!:)

Libby said...

sure. and go UTES!!

Elise said...

Love the pram pictures- so cute! I really can't believe you guys are 4th years now. It seems like just yesterday we were moving in and you guys were moving up to 2nd years! Count me in for SYTYCD parties!

Amy F said...

Love these pictures. I want in on the photo shoot, too!!! Summer = Jones trip to Utah where we get to hang out with you for a bit!!! That will be great... and we'll have to have a SYTYCD party while you are here!

4th year... crazy. Good job DJ.

Nicole said...

Libby, I love that old stroller! Please tell me it is in Pittsburgh and not Utah!!!!

The Boothes said...

Super cute Libby, your pictures are great!! Mack is so cute. It's so fun to look and see what Mack is up too, cuz I know Ethan won't be too far behind.