Sunday, May 31, 2009

the biggun.

"The biggun" is what we call our external hard drive. Oh how we love him. Oh how we hope he loves us back. The biggun has been holding many a photo for me, just waiting for me to retrieve them. So, retrieve I did, and post I shall. This will be a post of few words (but worth thousands, if you believe the saying). Much to share. Please enjoy!

May 1st

The reason for our trip out west: DJ's sister's graduation. She is a serious star--athlete of the universe, designer extraordinaire, and now a web developer. Can you say talent? We are so proud of you Carli!

May 2nd
Mack's first hike. He couldn't get enough of the scenery, and he kept inching his head around DJ's to see what was happening. He hikes in style.

Just take a quick look at Mack's face. He was sent here just to make my heart explode, I'm sure of it.

Circle of life, baby.

May 3rd

Like I said, athlete extraordinaire. Carli played in an alumni game against the current softball team, and she hit a homer with the bases loaded during the first inning. When I grow up, I want to be like Carli.

May 4th

Haircut by Grandma Jones. It doesn't get much cuter than this, folks.

May 5th

The quickest photo session ever with DJ's little brother. Everyone else had other favorites, but this was mine. He's just about the coolest kid you'll ever meet. Truly. To see more of Jamison, click here.

May 6th

Early morning play time in the Vegas grass (pre haircut). We Pittsburghers have forgotten how it is to sit in the soft grass. It was lovely.

Then (post haircut), some play time in the house. I just couldn't decide between the color and black&white, so you get them both.

May 7th

Finished a little project from an Amy Butler pattern. This sling (code name for a big bag, I guess) has caused quite the stir among Pittsburghers. Someone counted, and I believe twenty have been made in my ward alone (and probably half of those were made by Elise, who is maybe slightly crazy. good crazy. but crazy nonetheless). Anyway, it was a fun project, and I love the bag.

May 8th

My first bridal/wedding session. Much harder than you'd think. I'm excited to try another now that I have one under my belt. To see more of this beautiful bride and her pretty, pretty family, click here.

May 9th

Speaking of Elise, this is her beautiful baby girl, Oakley. Pictured at one day old. I just love the little dimple in her chin.

May 10th

Mother's Day.
This picture was taken a while back, but it's this little guy that makes Mother's Day a special day for me. Being a mother has been the most gratifying, amazing, frustrating, beautiful experience of which I have ever been apart. Thanks to DJ for making the day relaxing and happy, from the signature breakfast, to the dishes being done that evening. I love my boys.

May 11th

After a quick trip to the hospital to visit Elise one more time, Mack and Madi made a point of telling us they need their beauty sleep, which they do.

May 12th

The final get together with these amazing girls. It feels like a lifetime ago that this was taken. Pittsburgh is a different place without them here.

So, if you made it all the way through those pictures, you are a true friend (or a loving family member, who may feel slightly obligated--thanks mom). To anyone who falls into that category: I like you. Lots. Thanks for putting up with me. :)


Tawn said...

So cute libs! I love all of the photos! Saint George was a blast! I miss you guys like crazy especially my little macaroon. Give him a big kiss from his auntie.

Gina said...

Talk about tugging at my heart strings! I totally got teary when the last picture came up. Love the pics! Good job on wedding shoot #1. They look great!

Jaclyn said...

Oh.... I've been dying for one of those slings!! I have to carry all the primary roles, rosters, and binders to church each week and would love something prettier than a grocery bag. Was it hard to make? Maybe I'll try my hand at it.... ooh, I'm nervous. Do you or your friend take orders? :)

Jackson Family said...

your little boy is so stinking cute!

Jaclyn said...

wowza! $70?! How much did it cost you to do it yourself? And about how long did it take you? I'm headed to Oregon for 3 weeks tomorrow and I'm thinking it might be a good project to do while I'm there. You know, while Bree is completely occupied with Nana. :) Could I get it done in that time?

Fe said...

Awesome-ness. I still feel like I could know you a lot better, but I get that much closer every time I read your blog(s). Awesome photos and little snippets of your life, it's wonderful!:)

Derek & Colette said...

Yay! looks so fun. And, yes, Mack's face in that hiking picture is seriously adorable. I just wanna squeeze him!

Michele said...

Great photos Libby! I am a lover of black and white...all the way!

Kenna said...

Beautiful pictures.

How did you come to know Tiesha? She was in my BYU ward and I visit taught her. She is a wonderful gal.

Amy said...

Loved all the photos. Can't wait for family pictures next Thursday :)

Lisa said...

So fun Lib, those pics brought back fond memories! Thanks again for Jams photo shoot, I recieced lots of good feedback. You are turning into such a professional! Mack is such a cutie, and we miss you guys.

melinda said...

I always look forward to your posts, silly! It's amazing to watch how amazing you are at everything you do. Thanks for inspiring me. :)

Carls said...

Libby! You are so nice :)! Thanks for all the compliments. That weekend was seriously so fun. I was so happy and thankful you guys came to support me. Thanks again!

The Dorny Family said...

I love that picture of Mack in the sink. It definitely does not get cuter than that.

Elise said...

I was crazy, I fully admit it. I blame it on pregnancy. Anyway, the bag came out super cute and I love all the pictures. Especially Mack in the sink- sooo adorable! And of course I love Oakley's pic. It's the background on my computer. The last one came out so nice, sad but nice last picture of all of us.

brittany said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Mack in the sink is to die for. Love it!

P.s. Kind of sad that I am getting to know more about you through blogland than when we were going to school together.

Jana said...

I love the pics. But hate that I missed the last get together. Lame. The pic we took of the crepe night can not compare. :)

Thompson Family said...

Wow, you are a hardcore blogger! I obviously am no good at it, hence the massive post:) I am so jealous of your hiking pics, is there anywhere to go out here??? Oh and yes, that pic of Mac could even make my heart explode, too cute!

Thompson Family said...

Hehe, you are fast:) That was funny. I hope you are having a good time in DC. And thanks, I will have to check that place out!

kristen said...

i was totally watching the soup tonight and thought of you guys! weird...
no i was kidding about finding someone to document "the birth." ok well kinda not... but didn't expect to find someone...haha. i'm sure it will be fabulous documented by myself!

Amy F said...

Love these!! Especially the colorful blue backround picture of Mack. Oh, he is scrumptious. No wonder your heard explodes.

And that is quite the hiking backpack for the Mack. What a ride.

Can't wait to see you at the end of the month... !!

Brooklet said...

Wow, so many great pictures, so much to comment on.

I love, LOVe the pic of Mack in the sink, his face is to die for!

The wedding pics look so beautiful! It is fun for me to watch you becoming a professional right before my eyes. Really, I wish my wedding pics had turned out so nice.

And I finally was able to look at our pics that you took and I love them!!! Thank you so much, I love that we have some real pittsburgh pics before we left. Thanks so much.

And I love that last pic of all of us, will you email it to me. (and i am so greatful I did my hair that night!)

patty said...

Where is the new post? I keep thinking you call me to have me run to my computer...I can't wait!