Thursday, January 20, 2011

project 365: take 2.

picture a day is back.
I'm so excited/nervous/hesitant/motivated (is it possible to be all those things at once?).
the first go-round was eye-opening, educational, and challenging.  but, in the end, it was worth every second.  I love the memories that were recorded that year.  and, I promised myself I'd do it again during the first year of the next little one's life, so here we are.  again.  can't wait to see how it all turns out.


the celebration of the day of my birth.  I love my little helpers.

the best present was snuggling up with this little guy and sleeping on a chair while everyone else cleaned.  hard life, right?
the day itself.  it was full of baby blessing preparations for this little guy:
... and a memorable trip to my dad's office to find out the gender of baby #2.
(see the lightning mcqueen cars in each of his hands?)

breakfast with a wonderful friend from pittsburgh and her little one.  these two weren't exactly happy to be posing for pictures in 19 degree temperatures.  :)
lunch with this cute little girl, her mom, and some other fantastic friends.  isn't she beautiful?

just the drive home.  it was too beautiful not to capture that mountain peaking out of the fog.  I {heart} the utah mountains.
went to this beautiful location...

with this beautiful girl, to take some winter wonderland pictures.

while there, hannah showed her photog skills...

and we tried *really* hard to get a self-taken picture with my huge camera.  this is what we got.  :)

the fellow travelers walking on the frozen lake.  pretty, no?
back in the land of eternal sunshine.  from single digit temps, to 60's.  can't beat that.
photo shoot attempt #1: failure.
celebrated my birthday here...

with my cute husband.  again, self-taken pictures: really hard.

early morning mack attack... on the attack.

he's absolutely, and in all other ways, obsessed with all things sports right now.  don't mind the dirty clothing... this is recording life as it happens.  :)
like I said.  obsessed.

melt down in the post office parking lot.  there were tears after this moment--and they weren't cried by macko.  he's been on a terror lately.  he's an angel at home, and the second we step out the door, *BAM* he falls apart.  tantrums, screaming, hitting, kicking... it's lovely.  we're working on a solution.  the current idea?  bribery.  what child won't do anything for ice cream?

just a trip to ikea.  that's all.
he may have a new obsession with sports, but the car obsession continues.  note the tongue: it's a sign of extreme concentration. 

while taking the photo below, mack found my tripod and decided it was "mack's camera."  I, of course, see that he is nothing less than a prodigy, and had to capture it for future generations. 

mack's new wall art.  his room is (very) slowly taking shape.  I'm liking the direction though.  (em: the jungle theme was inspired by none else than the elephant mobile you gave me.  it's right outside the frame of this picture, hanging in the corner.  :) ).
21 weeks.  doctor moved the due date back.  ugh.  the count down chain now has six more links on it.  may 28th people.  can it be here already?
I bought a snoogle.  it's heaven on earth.  this pregnancy has been hard on my sleeping + joints + back.  DJ, of course, incessantly made fun of me and my new-found love.  then, I came downstairs on sunday afternoon, and what did I find?  the deej.  and the snoogle.  happily sleeping.  he stopped making fun of me.  
long day in the trenches.

I love those little legs.  do you see the cars?  it's non-stop, people. 
photo shoot attempt #2: success.  :)
jump, macko, jump. 

so, that's where we are.  I'm even caught up TO. THE. DAY.  are you impressed?  considering I posted about july in december, I'm thinking this is an impressive feat for me.  fingers crossed that this continues.  

wish me luck.  :)


Brooklet said...

oh, this makes me so happy! I am glad you are doing this again. Your pictures are lovely, and it's fun to see day to day what you are doing and how little Mack is growing!

Emily said...

if I'm allowed to say, it was a cute mobile. Didn't I buy it right on the spot? I loved it.

I can't believe you have a 2 year old and are pregnant.

May I have permission to post some of your mountain photos? I'm dying, so beautiful.

I dont' think I've ever loved a piece of clothing more than Macko's puffy rainbow vest. I want one. so. badly.

I love the 365. I'm excited to see new risks.

Kaylene said...

Oooo! I'm excited. :) I loved your last 365 and I'm looking forward to this one. It will feel like you never left (sortof).

Amy said...

You didn't mention the sex of the baby... I'm dying here! Love your ambition with the next go around of 365! It will be nothing short of spectacular, I already know.

kristen said...

yay. as always i have too much to say. Ü

1. what's the status of your bro & his girl!? i noticed she was "part of the fam" Ü

2. i LOVE the picture of hannah on the right. gorgeous.

3. mack's bedhead is the cutest thing ever.

4. if it makes you feel any better... the 2-yr-old-tantrum-meltdown-in-the-parking-lot thing DOES pass. although, i felt like it never would. and somehow we are starting that all over again...round 2!

5. do you really haul your giant camera around everywhere? i'm totally impressed... i have no motivation.

6. the pregnant body pillow changed my life. i'm glad it's changing yours too... and deej's.

7. i really do want to see pics of where you live. really.

Patti10 said...
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Catherine Faux said...

Great pictures. I always bribe my kids when we go out to places such as the grocery store etc. It always works. I bought a huge bag of dumdum suckers and they love them.

MJF said...

LOVE this. can't wait. Can i steal some of those jj shots? love love love.

Ashley said...

I am so happy to see you doing the 365 day thing again. I really need to get motivated to do it but it's hard to when it is 0 degrees outside. Love to see how you are doing and what you are up to!

Amy F said...

My favorite? The snoogle. Ha ha.

Katie said...

Yeah! I'm so glad to see you doing this again. I love your photography and I love that we get to see so much of the goings-on in your life as a result. First of all, Mack may possibly have the best hair on earth. Secondly, you're looking lovely my pregnant friend. And third, the snoogle shot is priceless.

Dad (TMF) said...