Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the holidays.

Christmas "break" was different for us this year.  with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, DJ didn't have any work off, so it didn't seem like much of a break at all. we made it work for us though.  even though our trip to utah was much too short, we were grateful to spend a few days with my family.

here's what our "break" looked like:
daily walk with mack's new scooter from mimi.  he mostly just stands on it, and wants me to push him around.  :)  he'll get it someday.

my child has decided he hates the camera.  this is what I get these days when the lens is aimed at him.

lucky me, eh?

trying for a bit of sunflare while holding my humongous camera, and hoping it's actually pointing at my face.

much more successful when I can see what I'm doing.  :)

the nightly routine.  mack is obsessed with all things sports--especially "shooting bask-ball wif dada."  he has starting giving himself points--most of the time one basket is "five points."  I'm not sure who's teaching him the rules. 

the flight to utah.  mommy forgot to charge the dvd player.  not smart.  so, we resorted to playing with the camera.  he wasn't super excited, but at least he was involved rather than screaming at me (a usual melt-down lately involves ear-piercing screams).
not amused...

finally happy with something to drink...

"wookie all da cwouds, mama!"

and back to playing with the camera.  apparently he was in serious need of a haircut.

all of the excitement eventually led to this...

...which in turn led to this... five minutes before landing. 
all in all, a successful flight.  we happened to land during a horrible snowstorm.
how long did the usually 55 minute drive take us???  FOUR HOURS.  we were stuck in one place on I-15 for two straight hours.  we literally moved about 100 yards.  it was awesome.  thank goodness we had some good company to share the time with.  thanks to jonny and mel who spent all that time on the roads to pick us up.

our first couple days were filled with my uncle's viewing and funeral.  it was a strange feeling to leave the funeral and head home to celebrate new years eve--especially because the kiddos weren't present/didn't understand anything that happened.  they were perfectly happy and crazy as always.  so, while the conversation centered around the day's events, and my uncle's life, we tried to make the most of the evening. 
my mom outdid herself, like always, and made a fantastic new year's eve meal, complete with clam chowder, artichoke parmesan dip, and her signature drink.  yummy.

but of course, my picky child mostly ate crackers.  what can I say?  he's a stubborn one.

DJ woke up at 5am to catch a flight for the funeral, so by the time the end of the evening rolled around, he was asleep on my shoulder.  I roused him for the noise making and sparkling cider, but he was out two minutes later.  :)

my mom and dad were so generous in their gifts.  they came up with a family theme for the year, made t-shirts and dog tags to go along with it, and showered us with A LOT of other presents.  it was Christmas all over again. 

the new little one:

one of grandpatty's gifts to the girlies:

mack making it known that everything he opened was HIS.  he wasn't super pleasant.  ahhhh, I'm at a loss.  I think it's time for some new parenting books.

uncle lafey as mack's new playmate. 

doesn't lafe look happy?  :)

there were tears...     and some awesome comments about boots that a certain little girl "didn't want." :)   but the aunts and uncles were so generous with their nieces and nephews--no wonder they're so loved.

we loved every moment with my family.  I feel so blessed that we were able to be there--a huge thanks to those who made it happen.  :)

and, on a completely unrelated note, that same day, I got together with one of my best friends and her family to take a few photos.  I just couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorites. 
isn't that look priceless?  the baby looks like she's going to eat her for dinner.  :)

but she's oh-so-sweet.  at least that what she wants us to think...

I just love this family.  

that's it for now.  why am I stopping in the middle of the trip?  it's a secret.  soon to be told, but a secret none-the-less.  

happy january 19th.  hope it's treating you well. 


Katie said...

What a fun second Christmas - like a hobbit's second breakfast. I love your pictures Bil. And I LOVE the pics you did of our family. Thank you a million times for sharing your talents. It was SO fun to see you. Wish we were neighbors...

Emily said...

beautiful posts today. lots going on. glad to see you back on the regular :)