Thursday, April 22, 2010

out and about.

I love pittsburgh.  a lot.  look at this random wall in the middle of the city.  where else would you find something this amazing?  so of course we had to stop.  I kind of forced keri to be in a few pictures.  a little.  she likes me though, so I think we're okay. 

I think I say this a lot, but I mean it this time.  this is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.  there's just something about the "realness" of this moment, and the way her yellow jacket frames the shot.  I love it. 

these are our kids.  they kind of like each other.  and they're a little bit betrothed. 
the call to each other.

the follow each other.

but mostly they ignore each other.  sounds like a pretty good relationship to me.  :)

then, as if that weren't enough, we found this little beauty on our way home.  the peeling teal paint was more than I could take. 

okay, this time I mean it.  this  is my favorite picture ever.  the vines, the paint, the little green blossoms on the top of the roof--I was kind of dying.  a little bit.  okay, a lot. 

wanna explore with me?  I promise we'll find some cool stuff.  but, you better prepare yourself, I'm sure you'll be forced asked to be in a few frames too.  :)


kamille said...

beautiful pictures! i love that wall too.

Melinda Frandsen said...

That wall is the best...especially the burgh graffiti. Can you believe that Mack is looking so old? Awe, it's making me sad. Such beautiful pics.

Dad (TMF) said...

Forget the wall. Love the kid.

Amy F said...

Pretty fun stuff. I love that you notice it all...

Brooklet said...

That is an amazing wall! Beautiful for pictures!

Tanner and Danielle said...

You probably don't remember me, I'm Tawni's roommate from BYU like three years ago! You're photography is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I envy you more then you can understand. I want to explore with you! Can I come visit Tawni and you teach me your ways! I am hoping to be a photographer, but you've got it down!