Thursday, April 22, 2010

monkeys, mommies, and dentist babies.

I love babies. 
I love presents. 
I love parties. 
if you put those three things together, you have a baby shower.  so, shouldn't I love baby showers?   I mean, I enjoy them, but love is a strong word.  I do, however, love planning them. 
a good friend is about to have her baby (only a week before she graduates from dental school!), and we threw her a shower a little while back.  another good friend, keri, and I planned the shower.  It was supposed to be a joint effort, but she came up with all the good ideas, and I was really just along for the ride.  so, I helped.  here's what it looked like:


food table+wall banner:
notice the cute bunting and little cut out animals on the wall.  all keri's idea, and all her work.  I think they're adorable!

diaper cake:

utensils (and favors)


the gift opener:

and proof that I was there with the mommy to be. 
congratulations, kelly!  I'm so excited for you!  I can't wait to meet the miniature dentist baby.  with two dentists as parents, what else is he going to be? 


Christian Jacob Frandsen said...

Libby those pictures are completely amazing. They look straight out of a magazine. Good work :-)

Dad (TMF) said...

Maybe Stephen can put them on the internet.

Steph said...

Wow - great decorations (and great shots of them!). Someone beat me to it, but I was honestly going to say they look like they are out of Party Woman magazine or something (I think I made up that name).

So cute.

Amy F said...

Fun times. love the bright colors... and you captured them so well!