Thursday, April 15, 2010

dentist daddy, and park day photos

the dentist.  ewe.  scary.  what's that you say?  your dentist is your daddy? that better or worse?  apparently, this little guy is not impressed either way.

...just give me all our toys.  now.

so, instead of terrorizing the pediatric patients with a one year old dentist, we escaped to schenley park. even if there was still snow on the ground. 

we've been escaping to parks a lot lately.  we've been pining for this beautiful weather for months, and every time the weather gets above 50 degrees, we grab the keys, and head out.  we drove down to spend a morning at the point park, but it's closed down due to construction, so instead we explored the fort pitt block house.  it's the only remaining building from fort pitt, and I felt historical just standing inside.  :)

while I was listening to the guide, the deej and mack were playing in the snow.  see their cute little foot prints right next to each other?
mack also discovered the ducks.  they liked each other.  so much, in fact, that they shared a tootsie roll with him, and he nearly plopped it in his mouth.  dj dove like a seasoned football player, and just made the save before the non-tootsie-roll ended up in his mouth.  sick.  sick.  sick.

but, by far my favorite moment of the day came just sitting and watching dj and mack play chase.  check out their cute little game:

my heart is happy just looking at his cute little smile.  it almost makes me want to sneak into his room and wake him up just to snuggle.  only, I would never, ever do that.  he would never, ever go back to sleep.  and I love my sleep. 

and the last picture of the day: my cute hubby.  I made him sit in front of the camera, and he did it without much complaining, although I could see the thoughts coming out of his eyes.  he loves to have his picture taken.  almost as much as he loves having an ice pick stuck in his eye.  almost.  and, he hates loves this picture so much.   so, here you go.  isn't he the cutest?


kristen said...

aHH. i LOVE his blazer! stinkin cute... see why i need a boy? and we want to go to the park with you!

Brittany said...

so fun. Mack is SO dang cute. Hope things are going well! We are LOVING the warm weather we are getting too.

Amy said...

That picture of Mack in the dental chair is too much for me... the hair... the blazer... so incredibly cute!

Amy F said...

You have cute boys! Enjoy the end of snow!!!

Tawn said...

these pics are beautiful libs. miss you guys

melanie said...

you always dress mack so cute! Remember last spring when it was a toasty 39 degrees but we thought that was warm and tried to have a park day? Things are different in pittsburgh! I went to the park with friends the other day, it was about 65 degrees, and everyone complained that it was so so cold!

kristen said...

yes yes yes! and i'm not 9 months pregnant this year! what are your ideas?

Meredith said...

Love the duck story. It reminds me of the last time I took Braden and Keri to the Children's Museum and I turned for one second and Keri was licking a puddle on the floor of the water room...totally disgusting. I guess curiosity gets the better of us sometimes!

Brooklet said...

We never made it point st park. We tried once, but it we couldn't find the exit, so we gave up.

mack looks so cute in that blazer sitting in the dental chair! that is a picture that should be blown up and hung in DJ's dental office one day!