Sunday, January 17, 2010

pre-christmas christmas.

what did I do during the first big snowstorm of the winter season?  I ran away.  as far as possible.  to a place with lots of sun, no snow, and warm, lovely temperatures.    and we celebrated both the warm temperatures, and a pre-christmas christmas.  this is what we did:

December 14th

scouted out a location for the family pictures below... {I need to blow the picture on the right up really big and hang it on my wall to remind myself what a cute, sweet boy I have when he is screaming at me and throwing his food on the floor.  yes.  I think that's what I'll do.}

December 15th

the family pictures spoken of above.  we just love these guys.  they're both good friends, and DJ and Lee go all the way back to high school.  It was so fun to spend an afternoon taking pictures, and an evening at dinner together.  to see more of this cute little family, click here.

December 16th

we're a canon family.  even on trampolines in the middle of the afternoon...

 ...and especially while taking photos of a five day old little girl.  isn't she perfect?  to see more, click here.

December 17th
went here:

with this guy:

for the very first time.  it was lovely.

December 18th

found that mack still loves to play with his rocks...

...and has a newfound love of jumping on the trampoline with aunt tawni.  life can't get any better.

December 19th

went to a cousin's wedding during the day...

...and their reception that night.  love the pink gerber daisies.  just in case you ever want to surprise me with flowers, gerbers are my favorite.  thought you'd like to know.  :)

December 20th

happy bath times...

..and happy mexican food times. yum.

December 21st
for record keeping's sake, they actually got married on the 22nd, but I wanted to end on a family picture... don't judge.

a beautiful wedding with the colors being the those of peacock's feathers.  cute idea, right?  you should have seen all thirty pair of purple and green converses.  I can't wait to see what their photographer came up with.

December 22nd

the end of a perfect pre-christmas trip.  thanks for the busy, fun-filled trip, the yummy food, the babysitting, the encouragement, the hoodies (and various other amazing gifts), and the unconditional love.  love you guys, and we can't wait to be closer!

... and guess what??  I'm FINALLY going to get our christmas and post-christmas christmas pictures posted.  soon.  not today.  but soon.  so, uh, I guess that's your teaser.  :)

and just in case you're wondering, yes, I like you a lot.  thanks for being my loyal supporters.  you make me happy.  really, really happy.


Nicole Johansen said...

So I totally forgot to tell you, but the temple picture reminded me, that I'm pretty sure I saw DJ's mom at the Distribution Center in Phoenix last week! She was deep in conversation when I saw her so I waited to say hello and then she had disappeared when I turned back around to make my move. So I didn't get to say hi. :( Isn't it such a small world?!

Brooklet said...

So many great pictures and I would guess, so many great memories for you. You sure are a jet setter- I am at the point where I can't bear to think of making that flight again.

And I really like the picture of you and DJ in front of the temple- such a cute couple picture (and great colors).

kate said...

Ooh - We love Tia Rosa! It is one our regular stops when we are Mesa. It is right around the corner from our friends Trisha and Butch. Glad your life is good and your little boy is a total doll!

Lisa said...

All the pics are so fun! Pre Christmas was a blast, and we can't wait to see more of you!!!!

Jana said...

You are a gorgeous mama!! And great pics as always. I seriously love when you post so I can just look at your pictures.

Sarah B. said...

you take amazing pictures!! Mack is adorable :)

Nielsen Network said...

Amazing pictures Libby! It was so fun to see you guys down here! Miss you all and much love!

Nicole said...

I have an even deeper appreciation for you photography now!