Sunday, January 10, 2010

holiday break: a break from holidays.

the period of time from the beginning of our thanksgiving break to the end of our Christmas break spanned 38 days.  days spent at home during that time: 17.
those 17 days were our holiday break--not in the sense you're thinking--but an actual break from the holidays.  don't get me wrong, it hardly qualified as a break at all.  in between finishing up a semester for DJ, getting the holidays orders rushed out, parties here and there, and other such decemberish activities, we barely had enough time to pack up for the second leg of our holiday travels.
here's what filled our days:

December 2nd

a girls' night out to the newest installment in the twilight saga.  yup, I took a picture in the movie theater.  I had to.  {I'm sure you have your vices too--snacking after midnight, sweeping the dirt from the floor under the rug, 'accidentally' not washing your hands before you start cooking, etc.  this is one of (many of) mine--taking pictures at wildly inappropriate times.  I'll stop when you do.}  the movie was better than the first (that isn't saying anything at all, so let's say is was WAY better than the first), but still not great.  although it did reaffirm my love for edward cullen.  and, I'll say it one more time: whose decision was it to cast robert pattinson as edward?  he is not nearly good looking enough.  I know of a slew of more attractive men than him, the first in line being the deej.  do you think I can still hope they'll recast him before the next movie??

December 3rd

mack and I ventured out into the coldest temperature of the year to this point.  contrary to his expressions in these pictures, he actually loves the cold.  we're talking the whole package: kicking feet, waving hands, smiles, and little "whoo's" of joy.  are we mean for moving him to arizona?

December 4th

we thought it was a little strange mack never crawled, so we took him to my new friend, doctor tasia.  after a little physical therapy, he has progressed super quickly.  we're so proud of our little guy.  :)

December 5th

this cute little one's birthday.  if it's possible for a one year old birthday party to be elegant, then this one was.  oh, and by the way, she loved her cupcake... can you tell?

December 6th

a gathering at a friend's house for singing of Christmas songs, reading of Christmas books, and yummy food german style.

December 7th

deej was set up to work at a dental office in a small town called conneaute lake.  we drove up, stayed the night in a small hotel...

December 8th

...and mack and I explored all day while dj worked.  not a bad deal, I say.

December 9th

uh-hmm. lame.

December 10th

a baby shower with lots of pregnant girls.  that seems to be the trend around here these days.

December 11th

the required trip to the mall to sit on santa's lap.  they wouldn't let me take a picture.  {once again, lame.}  we did steal some shots of him riding the cute little train though, and with the conductor's hat he happened to be wearing, it was all the better.

December 12th

just my cute little chunky guy...

December 13th

mack entertaining himself during the last crazy day of preparation before leaving.  the deej and I went to bed at 4am, and woke up at 6 to leave on time for the airport, but everything was ready in time.  gifts, edited pictures, packed suitcases, and a clean house.  we were all set for our Christmas travels.   

we enjoyed our little holiday break, but not nearly as much as we enjoyed the holidays themselves.
they're coming right up.  just a couple more shoots to edit, and they'll be here.

hope your january is treating you well.  after six straight days of snow and no sunshine, this is what our backyard looks like:

...but don't you worry, today I looked up, and this is what I saw:

things just can't stay yucky forever, right?  I love me a blue sky. :)

thanks for stopping by!


Ryan & Amanda said...

It's so hard to hear that something may not be quite right with you child, I'm so glad he's doing so well now!

Amy F said...

Libby... I'm hoping you are over the mommy-guilt about this one, because that's just not fair! The true colors are in how you responded once you knew... and you've been working so hard and caring so deeply. You're a great mommy!!

I'm amazed you got so much done before you came out for the holidays! Good job... and I can't wait to see your next posts!

Jana said...

Oh how I remember those Pittsburgh winters. Unfortunately for me, Ann Arbor is no better. :)

kristen said...

i want that orange wall of garages.

Ashley said...

Ha ha ha - I couldn't agree more about the casting of Robert Pattinson. They completely missed the boat.

Gina said...

Loved the post! I want to squeeze Mack and Madi every time I see them! I am intereted to hear about Mack and crawling. Give me the details!

Brooklet said...

You know, I once stayed in a little hotel in Conneaut, Ohio- I wonder how close it is to the little town you stayed in. Cody and I talked about how we could live in a cute little town like that. (but really I must have at least a target and a joanns)

Melinda Frandsen said...

Mack is the cutest. I can't believe that adorable hat! How is he so content to leave it on? Amazing little boy you have there. Just goes to show what amazing parents he has. :)

Tyson and Rachelle said...

Love all the pictures as always. Another blue sky today! We are on a roll!

Michele said...

You take such amazing pictures Libby...mind you Mack is a super cute subject!