Friday, December 11, 2009

the stuff that makes the world go round...

no, not gravity, silly--love. more often than not, this blog is focused on my son, who is an object of my affection, of course, but not THE object of my affection. that spot goes exclusively to the deej. I love him not because he laughs at me when I get summoned to jury duty (it happened this morning folks), but because when I come home with a citation in my hand and tears in my eyes he says, "that's okay honey, it's only money." (that one happened last night. it's been a bad couple of days). he loves me. I love him because we can talk about anything, laugh about everything, muscle through the "discussions," and come out better because of it all. nope, today isn't our anniversary, it isn't his birthday, it's just a day, and I'm feeling grateful to have found someone to share my everydays with.

November 2nd

after months of asking, DJ finally let me take a couple pictures of him. this one was snapped while we were setting up a shot, and it ended up being my favorite. he makes my heart happy.

...oh, and while we were snapping away, we placed our child on a lighting disc with his sippy in this clean looking alley. subsequently his shoes came off, his sippy was turned upside down on the germ infested road, and he scooted off the lighting disc... I promise it was only a few minutes... you still like me, right?

November 3rd

took mack to his one year doctor's appointment. he showed us his batman villain "two face" skills. these photos were literally taken seconds apart. most often the angel wins, but not always. definitely NOT always.

November 4th

got together with these close friends for a VERY quick shoot--we're talking 15 minutes. I love the colors they chose out, and the few remaining leaves on the trees in the background. I created a Christmas card for them too, but I don't want to spoil the surprise, so you'll just have to imagine the goodness. :)

November 4th

mack & madi hung out for a few hours while madi's mom ran to an appointment with Dr. Husband. madi ran circles around mack while he tentatively peeked around the table to see what she would do next. in the end, they found each other though. they always do.

November 5th

got to spend a little more time with madi in our backyard. isn't she beautiful? what I wouldn't give to have that perfect skin...

November 6th

my favorite man. I think now would be the appropriate time to brag a little bit on his behalf. during the last twelve weeks, DJ lost nearly 40 pounds. he did it the healthy way: more excercise, and healthy foods in small portions. we have progression pictures, but those are photos that will not be posted on this blog. ever. I don't believe in such exhibitionism. :) I'm so proud of him, and you can be too. I'll allow it.

November 7th
a picnic in the park with the boy, the doggie and the leaves.
warm weather: I love you and miss you so. please come back to me soon.

so with a love filled heart, and a mind full of holiday to-do's I will run off to accomplish whatever I can in the few short days before the season is over. I'm still trying to enjoy every second--even the bitter cold ones.

all my love (ya know, the stuff that makes the world go round),


Ryan & Amanda said...

I love that post, especially about your husband! I think it's important to remember why we love them on the everyday basis instead of just the important days. They really are great! And your pictures look fabulous!

Melinda Frandsen said...

What an amazing man you have married. The weight loss is cool, but not nearly as cool as coming home with a citation and hearing "it's only money." What a good guy. You two are an incredible couple. I can't wait to play a few more board games with you!

Tawn said...

Deej, You look hott! Libs, You're awesome! Mack, You're still my favorite! Can't wait to see you guys so so soon! xoxo

Amy F said...

Wow... what a great first picture!! I love that it caught DJ feeling comfortable... which I know he is not completely when *looking and posing* for the camera. But it is how you see him everyday. Nice.

I simply cannot believe the wonderful things that come out of your creative maneuvering of your camera and computer. So fun.

Counting down the days. Good luck getting everything done! I know it is so, so much work to wrap things up to go on a big trip... esp. at Christmastime.

Jana said...

I love your blog. And how did I miss 3 posts?!!!! Your little family is beautiful. You really are a lucky girl.

Pitcherpost said...

awww, you guys are BOTH lucky to have great spouses. 40 pounds, that's incredible! I hope to be accomplishing that myself in the next few months! baaahh!! love the leaf pictures!

Dad (TMF) said...

What happened to November 11th?

Jill Tew said...

Way to go DJ! What a good man.

I had one of those supportive, what a great husband moments tonight when Steven removed a pot that I had set on the granite countertop, while still hot. It made it bubble and slightly crack. I was so bugged by it, but he just calmly said, "well, now we know what happens when you put hot pans on the counter." Thank goodness for calm husbands. Can you imagine how much worse emotions could be if they got just as upset? :)

I'm glad you found your Deej.

Travis said...

Yep, Deej is a stud!