Saturday, December 19, 2009

coming to you from the sunny state of arizona.
it's incredibly gorgeous here--mid 70s, clear blue skies, palm trees swaying in the breeze--what more could you ask for?  just remind me of that when we move here in june and it's 120 degrees.  I'll need it.
we're enjoying family, weddings, christmas goodies, and a few precious days with jamison before he takes off to argentina for a couple years.  strangely, we've been enjoying a few of these things since the beginning of november.  I'm a big lover of the holidays, and I'm one of those people that actually appreciates when radio stations start playing christmas music the day after halloween.  look, I have proof:
November 9th

put up our christmas tree.  don't judge, people.  we spend half of december in the west, so we have to make the most these decorations while we can.

November 10th

my piano student put on her very own piano recital.  she memorized ten full songs, and played them beautifully.  I couldn't be more proud. 

November 11th

*photo by keri*

more product photos for bold minimalist.  see the headband in the first picture?  it's the headband written about in this post (by the way, there's also a giveaway for one of her products on the blog, so you REALLY should check it out).  I love it, love it, love it.  you really should check out keri's shop.  she's amazing. 

November 12th

found a super yummy donut shop in the strip district: peace, love, and little donuts.  I'm not exaggerating when I say these are the best donuts I have EVER had.  maybe not the best for my waistline, but definitely the best for my tastebuds.  come to the 'burgh.  I promise to take you.  cross my heart.

November 13th

guess who the lucky owner of this incredible diaper bag is... me!!  custom made by elise over at le sassy seamstress.  isn't it adorable?  I never thought any bag could compare to my petunia pickle bottom diaper bag, but I like it even MORE.  can't you see why?  it's about the cutest thing you've ever seen, right?  admit it.  I know it is.

November 14th  

went on a little picnic in a park, ate some yummy panera for lunch, and took madi's one year pictures while we were at it.  I don't have access to my files with the rest of her pictures, but I promise to put up the rest when I get back to the 'burgh.  she's worth the wait, I promise.

November 15th

my parents came into town for 21 hours on their way to Boston.  we were awake for 15 of those hours, and made the most of every second. 

we took them here, and in return they bought us yummy sugared pecans, and fresh hand made mozzerella (how do you make mozzerella, by the way?  isn't that from some type of animal?  am I missing something here?). 

even though it was short, it was heavenly.  thanks mom and dad.  you're the best.

November 16th

took pictures for this cute little family.  once again, their full shoot will be up after the holidays, but here's a little taste.  cute, no?

November 17th
while taking this picture, I leaned on a mystery car to get a better angle.  bernie, the owner of the car (who i didn't know was the owner of the car) began a conversation with me, asked me if I liked classical music (you're speaking to a major classical music lover.  my childhood was filled with classical lessons, classical music on sundays, trips to the symphony, playing classical music in symphonies--I even slept with classical music playing all night... ah suzuki), then offered me free tickets to the symphony for that very weekend.  after thinking through all the possibilities, I decided the worst that could happen is we show up, there are no tickets, and we spend an evening downtown with no child.  couldn't be too bad, right?  we accepted, got all dressed up, got there, and there were tickets at will call with our names on them.  how nice is that?  we like bernie.  the symphony was amazing.  so amazing, in fact, that I cried.  literally.  emotional much?  you bet.  dj knew it when he married me.  I think he's almost used to it. 

afterwards we headed to a swanky little club for mango tart and a little jazz.  all in all, the evening cost us $8.00.  best date ever. thanks bernie.

November 18th

daddy teaching macko to walk.  as you've seen, he picked it up about a week after this, but there were many exercises leading up to the actual steps.  daddy is the cutest daddy ever.

November 19th

bridal shower for her.  now she's all married off.  congrats rachel and shawn.  welcome to married life!

November 20th

family pictures for the yearly christmas card.  found this beat up little garage while driving down  route 88.  i love it.  again, I can't show you more because they're all locked away on a hard drive at home.

November 21st

we attempted to go downtown to light up night.  we failed.  we came up with all sorts of excuses: traffic, parking, mack's bed time, but really, we just wanted to go to our favorite thai restaurant instead.  and we did.  and it was worth it.  super, super yummy.  and, I went up to west end overlook after dinner and snapped some shots of the festivities anyway.  win win. 

November 22nd

did a newborn and family session for this little guy's family.  this isn't even my favorite picture, but for some reason it's the only one I threw on my laptop to post.  you'll definitely have to check out the others when they're posted. 

November 23rd happy birthday, jonny!

got together with mack's friends and (even better) my friends for a play date.  these little men are all three weeks apart, and they're so funny together.  after a few hours of playing, they'd had it.  hayden shows you how he feels:

...which may well be the way you feel after this mammoth post.  thanks for sticking it out.  you're the best.  hope you're enjoying your family, lots of christmas goodies, and a little time off.  I know I am.
merry christmas to you.  you make me happy. If I could give you a gift, I would, but for now, accept my words of thanks.  thanks for coming back to check in.  I love you guys.


Keri said...

Cute post!! It is making me wish we were on "holiday" right now. Have a Merry Christmas Jones fam!

Amy F said...

Glad you are having fun... can't wait to see you guys this week and next!!!

Christian Jacob Frandsen said...

I love that all three of those toddlers have faux-hawks. And I love your Christmas card :-)

Jana said...

Great post. We set up before Thanksgiving too. But stayed here and enjoyed our decor all the while!! :) Mack makes me happy. I love those last pics of the 3 boys. Funny. And that little baby. . . LOVE him. And how about your super skinny husband!???? He is looking fantastic!!! Like he's 19 again. Sadly, he practically is. (I have lots to comment on). I also think you look gorgeous for your night out to the symphony. What is that sassy lip stick you are wearing? Please tell. We should have done that together when I lived there. The symphony that is. I don't think I could count the number of times I went to the symphony. It was probably my favorite thing to do while in high school. Yes, very popular. And are those donuts better that the Donut Plant????? I have some serious doubts. And I love the new little garage you found. Love the cards too. You are gifted girl!!!! Love you!

Richins Family said...

love the post! the pics of the funny! especially my little monster who was o so grumpy due to the fact that he was 4 hours past his nap! good times! lets do it again :) hope you have a wonderful christmas :)

Gina said...

fun post! I agree with Jana that DJ is looking super skinny these days. I can't believe how big those boys are! All 1 year old now! GEEZ! I wish you were in UT for the holidays, but have fun in AZ.

By the way, I am SUPER anti Christmas in November. You and Jana kill me! Bah humbug! J/k

Gina said...

P.S. That diaper bag looks super familiar :) I can't believe that I will finally get to use it in a couple months! Love the new piping that Elise did around the edges. Looks fab!

Elise said...

I have to agree with Gina that the diaper bag is super adorable:) So love the post and my favorite part is the picture of the three boys and how serious they all look, Mac especially. Hayden just looks ticked!
Anyway, I hope you guys are having an absolutely wonderful time out in Arizona. Enjoy the sunshine for me b/c in case anyone hasn't told you it snowed 6 inches yesterday!!!! Pittsburgh misses you but I'm sure its not a mutual feeling:)

JoDell said...

Thanks for sharing...the last picture had me cracking up. What cute boys! Enjoy the sunshine in AZ!

Melinda Frandsen said...

I love your mammoth posts! Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see you soon!

kristen said...

enjoy the sun! wish we could play... we are living it up in the RAIN! and deej, landen and i both agree you look GOOD! ;)

Brooklet said...

I like the long posts- so much to comment on. I, too, love the symphany- Pittsburgh was performing Bolero in February and I wanted to go so bad, but it never happened (I think becuase we had an open house the next day). What a great surprise from Bernie. And I think both you and DJ are looking fabulous!! I love the family picture.

Pitcherpost said...

those pictures of hayden are the best! what a cute group of boys. Pittsburgh has so many picturesque places, you are making me miss it. The strip, theater district, west end...donuts I never friend libby :(