Monday, November 16, 2009


way behind. way, way behind. I keep thinking I'm going to do a major post for the whole month of october, but I think it's time to be honest with myself... that's not going to happen. so, here's the first bite.

September 28th
(I told you... way behind.)

this vest is one of my favorite articles of clothing that mack owns. every single time he wears it, at least five people stop me and ask where I got it. it came from mack's uncle stevie who thrifted it at some little shop in new york (he lives there, you know). isn't it awesome? it reminds me of my childhood. I think I owned moon boots in the same pattern.

September 29th

*photo taken by deej*

a growing leaf, and a floating leaf in honor of hannah's birthday. happy birthday little sis! you're the best!

September 30th

took family pictures for the richins. aren't they a beautiful family? we had so much fun, and I adore the colors they chose. to see more, click here.

October 1st

went to a park to play on the playground. mack is getting so big. he doesn't even look like my baby anymore. when did he become a toddler?? oh wait. that's right, he's not. he can't even crawl yet, let alone toddle. someday. I think.

October 2nd

flew all by myself (no baby to stress over=heavenly) to orlando for a girls' trip with a few of my good friends that moved away from pittsburgh last may. it was so nice to escape for a few days. here's what we did:

October 3rd

sat by the pool...

enjoyed the hot sun, and beautiful scenery....

October 4th

talked, shopped, talked, ate, talked, sat by the pool, talked, shopped, ate, talked, cried a little and talked some more...

October 5th

oh yeah, and sat by the pool some more (can you see us all in mel's glasses?)...

and enjoyed the sun and scenery a little more...

and ate, and talked and laughed a little more (jana and rachel are my favorite in this picture. amazing is the only word I can come up with)...

October 6th

and shopped...

October 7th

*photo taken by melanie*
and stayed up 'til all hours of the night talking, laughing, eating, talking, crying, and talking some more. I came home so refreshed and ready to be a good mommy again. it was just what I needed.

thanks to everyone who made it happen (you know who you are)! a special thanks goes out to dj who doesn't quite understand the purpose/need of such trips. he was a trooper though, and made minimal comments about my craziness. :)

I miss these girls so much. thanks for hanging out with me for a few days, and reminding me what good friends I have. can't wait 'til next time!


Gina said...

Love it...the vest that is! Authentically retro! The trip was so great wasn't it. Awe the memories :)

Brooklet said...

Oh, it is so good to look at the pictures and relive the girls trip- I can't believe it has been six weeks since then! SO MUCH FUN!

I love the little vest, too- love the colors, and love the little mack in them!

kristen said...

so jealous... i NEED one of those trips!

Elise said...

I'm so glad you're behind, its nice to have a refresher of Orlando! It was so much fun and I LOVE the pictures.

Stephen said...

the vest! bought at a stoop sale in freemans alley, new york city. i remember you and deej making fun of me when i delivered it. turns out it pretty much amazing, though.

Katie said...

I love the vest. I love the girls trip. As I've said before, "Uh, Jealous!" I'm glad you got to have such fun girl time-and tell DJ much like XBox, it's essential. Love the pool/glasses pics. You're so talented my dear.

Jana said...

LOVED IT!! And I totally agree. That was well worth the wait. Reliving a bit of that trip was so fun just now. Miss you!!!!! And sorry about that pic of me and rachel. Why did you let me do that?!!!! :)