Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sickies, cookies, friendsies & lovesies.

September 1st

*photo taken by DJ*
mack gets {really} sick for the first time. I'm talking a fever of 103 and rashes all over his back and tummy. three doctors later, I calmed down a bit, and we spent the day like this looking out the window at this:

it was actually quite nice.
how can one be that sick and still be that cute? how?

September 2nd
mack is back, and cuter than ever.

my little man is TEN MONTHS and ONE WEEK old, and life with him is getting sweeter every day.
by the way, he says mama and dada, and it gets me every time. even when he's yelling it at the top of his lungs from the next room. he loves us.

September 3rd

a new recipe. it is definitely the best I've found so far--and believe me, I've been on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie for years. deliciously chewy in the middle, a little bit crisp on the outside, and a slight hint of toffee flavor. YUM!!! email me if you want it (libbijones at gmail dot com), I'm keeping it a teensy bit secret before a chocolate chip cookie cook-off next week.

September 4th

drove here for labor day weekend to spend the holiday with some of our favorite friends

September 5th

started the weekend out with an incredible breakfast of blueberry pancakes & produce shopping at an open air market. it was divine.

September 6th
made our way here:

the birthplace of him:

where they prohibit this:

so I was unable to get a picture of the gorgeous vintage covered baby crib in Washington's house, and I can't find it online anywhere. I'm a little heartbroken.

I did, however, get a picture of these artichokes in the one place they allow indoor pictures--the slaughter house. thanks a lot.

*photo taken by Katie*
mack played in George Washington's yard while DJ and I ignored him a little and maybe might have kissed.

good day all around.

September 7th

woke up to homemade lemon pancakes with raspberry topping. they were even better than the blueberry pancakes, which is quite the feat.

September 8th
visited here:

it was breathtaking.

*photo taken by DJ*
mack even snuggled up for this picture. there are no words for how much I love him. really. none.

and, there are no words for how much I appreciate your support and words of encouragement. it means a lot. you keep me going. so thanks.

lovesies all around.


brittany said...


you have such a beautiful family, and your photography is incredible! i love coming to your blog and seeing all of the new adventures you guys are having. thanks for sharing!

JoDell said...

Aw, poor Mack (and poor you)! Glad he's feeling better. He's almost to that one year mark...that's crazy! D.C. is so fun, and you make it look so good! I love the picture of you, DJ, and Mack on Mt. Vernon's lawn, and the one of you and Mack at the WWII Memorial. It's so fun seeing you as a mama. You're such gorgeous people!

Colette said...

The sickness is never fun...so glad he's feeling better. And, can I say how much I want to squeeze all that cute baby chubbiness?!

Brooklet said...

Oh, i feel bad for poor mack that he was so sick! But judging by the cute smiling faces in the later pictures, I take it he is all better and has probably forgotten about it by now.

And I definitely want that cookie recipe (and the really good cookie recipes at your bake-off). Oh, cooking group, how I miss you!

Jana said...

I started a cooking group here. :) Let's share the recipes, if they are good. You know how opinionated I am. :) And just so you know. . . you look fantastic!! As I sit here in my pj's that I have seriously been wearing all day, even having friends over for lunch, going to JoAnne's and Target. Are you SHOCKED that I Went to JoAnne's? You should be. OR shocked that I wore my grubs all over the town? (since you know me, that probably doesn't seem too shocking) STOP ME!! This is a post.

Steve and Heather Jaussi said...

Libby! I love your beautiful pictures! I have to know what kind of camera do you use? Love your style girl! Miss you

Heather Mac

Amy F said...

Cute Mack looks so cute even when he's sick! I, too, sometimes don't mind a sick day... especially if it means an excuse to stay home all day and with a cuddly kiddo (as long as there is no throw-up involved!).

Your weekend with Katie looks fun. I want her pancake recipes, along with your cookie recipe. That cook-off sounds brutal... good luck!

Michele said...

Sorry to hear about Mack getting sick...It is so hard to watch your baby feel awful and you feel powerless. Great photos as always.

The Boothes said...

Having sick baby is the worst!!! Glad he is feeling better. That last picture of him and you, you can really see you in him Lib. He is such a stud.

petey said...

I'm a little late with my commenting, but that trip looked rad. and Libby your pictures are freakin good. I'm jealous.

Thompson Family said...

Can you believe they are almost one! It has gone too fast! We should get our boys together sometime for a play date:) Oh and I am sad I missed the cooking group this month, those look yummy!!

Dad (TMF) said...

Did you win the cook off. Send the recipe.

paul said...

i loved the world war ii monument.