Friday, September 18, 2009

life's a party.

August 20th
partyin' it up at the pediatrician's office.

mack's 9 month (3 week) doctor appointment. as you can see, he is quite excited...

...and humongous. 96th percentile for weight, 94th for head size, and 89th for height. yup. huge. as DJ would say, "he's not failing to thrive." nope. not at all.

August 21st

we might have had to change mack's clothes on a park bench... maybe. I know, that's what you would call exhibitionism, but I think when they're this young, it's just called cute... right?

August 22nd
what better excuse to party than a wedding? please excuse the lack of pictures, as DJ asked me nicely to please keep my camera in my bag... it was difficult. truly. here are the few I snagged:

the wedding was beautiful, and the couple was absolutely glowing. we loved being a part of their day.

August 23rd

our view as we left fort worth. a nice place for a wedding... probably not our ideal place to settle down. just sayin'.

August 24th

moving the party on down to the waterfront (because the biggest party is ALWAYS at costco, and that is where costco happens to be located).

August 25th

...and subsequently to wal-mart... because... well... just 'cause, nn-kay?
(can you see the begging in his eyes? "please take me home for a nap, mommy, please!" and I did.)

August 26th

mack learns to feed himself. thank heavens.

August 27th

a swimming trip dismantled by the weather turns into a shopping trip to best buy. I'm gonna go ahead and say swimming would have been slightly better, but I'll take it.
*photo taken by DJ*

August 28th
picnic at the west end overlook--one of my favorite places in the city, and the place of my fantasy party. it would be awesome. maybe someday.

*photo taken by DJ*

August 29th

threw a party for Tanis' 30th. the party happened to include a little photo shoot (she's a fantastic photographer herself). to see more, click here.

we then went to Tusca for dinner, and it was so yummy (see below for proof), so fun, and just what we all needed. so, thanks for having a birthday Tanis. we need someone to have a birthday every weekend. :)

just a little goat cheese mediterranean vegetable salad. that's all.

and, of course, a glass pipe holding all things chocolate. yum.

August 30th

senior pictures for this guy. it was such a fun little shoot. he even had me quoting "anchorman." that takes talent.

August 31st

always a party with these little ones. we got together for a quick little shoot, but with such photogenic kiddos, you can't go wrong. to see more, click here.

we're livin' it up, and lovin' every minute.

hope the same is true for you.


Amy F said...

Fun times. I love that you have your camera on you so often... each day...

Richins Family said...

oh my holy! it's amazing how i look at pictures so differently all the sudden! i'm in love with your photography and can't wait to learn more! you are so talented libby! MACK IS SOOO STINKIN CUTE!!!

Stephanie said...

You're such an amazing photographer! Some day I hope to be like you, oh talented photographer:)!

kamille said...

ahhhhh! mack is so dang cute!

ps, i love the coloring in the first two photos. how did you do it? did you use an action or do it manually when you edited? i have the hardest time getting a nice sepia tone.

Jana said...

First, I will always love your pics. Second, your commentary is equally fantastic. Can't wait to experience it all in person in a couple of weeks. :) And I love those boots you are wearing in the friend picture.

Jana said...

And thank you for mentioning costco. You know how I always like to give a shout out to them!! Sad, but true. Thanks family of 6.

JoDell said...

As always, I love your photography! It's always fun to see what you're posting on your blog. I love the birthday party photo shoot--very fun! And, of course, Mack is precious. I can't believe he's 9 months old!

Dad (TMF) said...

I wish PItt were closer.