Wednesday, April 1, 2009


March 25th

Tribute to a dad. I just have to give a little shout out to this guy. I often find myself pondering over how lucky I am to be married to a wonderful, loving, smart guy. I couldn't ask for a better husband, and Mack couldn't ask for a better Dad. Watching him interact with Mack melts my heart every time. Thanks Deej. You're everything to me.

March 26th

By request (I guess we could technically say this is a tribute to Em over at Sissy Jupe).

March 27th

Dear Mack,
I can't believe you are 5 months old. You brought so much love and joy into my life, I cannot imagine living without that. I want to remember you forever just the way you are right now. I love how you smile at every thing around you. I love how you laugh when my hair brushes your face as I kiss you goodnight. I love how much energy and effort you put into discovering your toys. I love how you bury your head in my shoulder and rub your eyes with the backs of your hands when you're tired. I love how you try to talk as you eat your veggies, and end up spraying food all over the kitchen. I love those little clenched hands and kicking feet. I love how you jump at new noises, and cuddle up to me when you're scared. I love that you are totally devoted to me right now (I know that will end, so I'm taking it all in). I love how you make me better, happier, and more complete. I love you.
Love, Mommy.
p.s. ten years from now, I hope you'll notice your first tooth. :)

A tribute to two newborns:
March 28th

To see more, click here.

March 29th

And for more of this little girl, click here.

March 30th

A daffodil's morning salute to the sun. Captured at a stop light on the way to the gym. First bloom I've seen this season. Hi little guy. Please stay.

March 31st

finger puppets (idea totally stolen from Kristen, thanks for the inspiration!)...

April 1st

...for this little guy.
Meet my nephew Aaron and his incredible parents. They are truly amazing. Aaron was born with profound hearing loss. Yesterday he became the first child in Utah to receive a bilateral cochlear implant. Thanks to two very diligent parents, at one year of age, he has learned 25 signs to communicate with his parents. He will use those signs to communicate his needs for the next 22 days before the cochlear implants are activated--then begins relearning communication all over again. I have no doubt he will do amazingly, as he has thus far. I love you guys. You are truly an inspiration.


Kenna said...


I hope that it's not creepy that I have visited your blog a couple times. I find it most wonderful that you take so many pictures to document your life. They are beautiful and moving.

Just thought I would throw that out there.

McKenna Shumway (Pritchett)

kristen said...

i love them! i want to make your elephant. and i thought i should document i stole them from here:

melinda said...

Oh Libbs. Thanks so much for your calls of concern and interest. We just love you guys. I want to echo your thoughts about DJ and Mack--isn't is so great to watch your boys play? I love watching Jonny and Aaron interact. I feel lucky to have my boys.

Amy F said...

There truly is nothing like the daddy relationship with these kiddos. Good daddies make for happy games and noises... love it!

And there is nothing like a doting mother recording her tender feelings. I love how you love Mack. He will love it too.

What a cute mom. What darling newborn pictures. What an important day... we love Aaron. You caught a great smile of his in that picture.

mem said...

<3 lovely. i miss you, but not in the way that i want you to move back to utah, more in the way that i should move out to Pittsburgh.

Michelle said...
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Venna said...

Libby, your comments almost made me cry--probably because I'm pregnant. :) But I love what you wrote to DJ and Mack. It just made me so excited to see our little girl and see Blake with our little girl! Also, I couldn't be happier for Mel and Jonny. I will agree with you that they truly are amazing parents, just like you and DJ. What lucky kids! So thanks for sharing Libby!

Hina Schneider said...

What a cutie that Mack is. Your pictures are amazing. Wish mine turned out that way.

Dad (TMF) said...

Was Mack floating in air for his picture? Superman at such a young age.

Hannah Ruth Frandsen said...

Libby! I love your pictures! I love you more but I do love your pictures:) Hopefully I get to see you this summer! i need to start saving! well once i get a job! i miss you lots! give deej a hug for me and mack! He is so so so cute mmm cant wait to see him!