Sunday, September 16, 2012

the isle called block.

last year my brother got married to his perfect match, and she adds to him and our family just what we need.  we love her.  to celebrate their marriage, my siblings, her siblings and our parents all gathered in one of their favorite destinations exactly one year ago: block island, rhode island.  the island is small, beautiful, and only reachable by ferry. the celebration was idyllic, picturesque, and so. much. fun.  all children but the tiny babies were left home, allowing us to reconnect and enjoy each other ever so much.  here's a summary of the trip:

our view of providence as the ferry departed.
my handsome younger brother sporting the guest of honor on his t-shirt.  I mean, not actually, but if you know stevie, this is basically a spitting image. 

our first view of block island.  it's every bit as beautiful as it looks in this picture. 

the frandsen house. 

our form of transportation around the island.

beach time:

um... that's DJ.  he really hates having his picture taken.

the clam bake:


the "ring ceremony:"

the vows were presented as a collaborative song.  it made me cry (no surprise there).

Southeast Light:

the cliffs:

at the end of our last day, we all rented scooters and explored the tiny island.  DJ and I drove the perimeter of the island in about an hour.  we enjoyed the wind in our ...helmets, stopped along the way to take pictures of the scenery, and breathed the fresh air.

the ferry ride out:

 a quick day of exploration in providence:

and then, just like that, it was over.  DJ and I loved our trip, and vowed to go back one day.  it ranks as one of my favorite destinations to this point in my life.  but, how could we not love it when surrounded by such wonderful people? 


paul said...

Great time. Great photos...:)

Katie said...

First of all, I love that you're posting again! Keep 'em coming! Secondly, this was such a great post. So many great pictures. What neat trip!

liz said...

looks so fun- I can tell your siblings easily by the smiles. you guys have the most perfect teeth I have ever seen! :)

Amy F said...

Oh, I love. Thank you for bringing back memories of this most wonderful trip.

Amy F said...

Oh, I love. Thank you for bringing back memories of this most wonderful trip.