Wednesday, April 7, 2010

filling in the gaps...

remember how my blog is going through a mid-blog-life crisis?  well, it is.  I used to know how to document things with the slightest hint of organization, but not anymore.  a lot has fallen through the cracks in the last little while, so let's play catch up.  ready?  okay.  

birthday time.  some wonderful friends planned a little party for me.  we went to the Andy Warhol Museum, had a little metallic balloon pillow fight, enjoyed the art, and found a cute little photo booth in the basement.  this is what you get when you stick five girls in a photo booth together....
we then enjoyed a nice meal at the melting pot... how shall I describe it?  heavenly.  divine.  out of this world.  I guess "yummy" will suffice.  so, so yummy. 

photo teaching with carlee.  I got this one of her (she hates it--sorry car)...
and she snapped this one of me...
yay for photo time.

mack continues to go to physical therapy periodically.  he's completely age appropriate, we just go to check up on his progress, and let him enjoy some time with his favorite therapist.  honestly, I think he likes ms. tasia better than he likes his own mother.

did some shots for my favorite hair accessories shop.  she's closing, by the way.  you'd better take the opportunity to get something before it's all gone.  :)

children's museum happens a lot around here.  mack and madi seem to be enjoying themselves on their first official date...
mack even tried to put the moves on madi.  she wasn't interested.  :)

some good friends came into town.  we ate, hung out, ate, talked, ate, talked, and hung out some more.  I miss them.

I may or may not have forced a little photo shoot upon this little cute girl.  I just couldn't help it.  her outfit was calling to me.

flew to utah to participate in the Young Ambassador reunion.  I was reminded how hard it is to sing and dance at the same time.  I danced my little feet off in Footloose and Chorus Line. 

...then I watched the rest of the show from the wings.  lots of talented people. 

I spent the rest of the trip hanging out with family, some wonderful friends, and their cute kiddos. 

one of my favorite couple hours of the trip was taking two-year-old pictures of my nephew, aaron.  he is such a smart, funny, handsome little guy. 

to see more, click here.
what a nice little break from the dreary months in pittsburgh!

birthday time for the deej.
you know the crazy guitar guy on YouTube?  if not, here's a taste:

he's real good.  DJ loves him.  he actually has all of his records on his ipod, and listens to him faithfully.  guess who just happened to be in pittsburgh the night of DJ's birthday celebration?  HIM.  and his sidekick.... irish man (can't remember his name, so irish man is going to have to suffice).  I even kept the secret all the way until we got to the little bar where the concert was held--a real accomplishment for me.  It truly was a phenominal concert.
here they are in all their homeless glory:

see that curly head of hair?  that would be DJ talking to Andy after the show.  he even got his autograph.
it was cute to see how excited he was.  :)

for his birthday present I gave him this:

a wedding album, designed by me, paid for by my mom, and photographed by the amazingly fantastic Daniel Vineyard

Check out the spreads:
back                                                                                 front

and that's about where I'm caught up to.  there is much more to edit and post.  but you know me, I run about a month behind... we'll get there.  :)

is anyone still reading??


Julia and Ben said...


Does that sound creepy?
But I enjoy it!

Can you give me a tip on what you have your shutter speed at when you shot those concert pics? They are fantastic!

Ashley said...

Yep, still reading.

kristen said...

HAHA. why have i not seen that picture before? i'm glad the tutts made it into your special wedding album. woot.

Richins Family said...

am i still reading???? ha ha um yes. i love love love your blog! you always have the most beautiful models....but that carlee girl could use some work :) thanks for all you've taught me so far....hope to learn some more? :)

melanie said...

firstly, I'm very impressed you can pull of spandex leggings - that is a feat out of my reach :) secondly I so wish I could have been there to celebrate your birthday and thirdly the wedding album is beautiful!!

Marie said...

Libby I love your blog, of course i'm still reading!

Brooklet said...

Wowsers, so much info in that post, lets see if I can remember all I wanted to say.

First, happy birthday!

Second, Mack looks so happy in his PT picture- He probably thinks its the awesomest appt ever!

Thirdly, I am glad you took a picture of us visiting, so we have one of everyone, but I hate that I am such a chubby bunny in that pictures. Blech.

Fourthly- your birthday gift to DJ probably has to top the all time greatest birthday gifts- you took him to a concert of a youtube star- completely awesome!

Dad (TMF) said...

Read to the end.