Sunday, March 7, 2010

dentists, doctors, and delights

I finally did it.  deej is officially my dentist.  he's a pretty dang good one too.  I went in for the full work up, and came out with a nice, bright smile, all thanks to this cute dentist right here. 

the tools almost scared me off, but I thought better of running out crying, and it turned out to be a good decision.  not only did I get to be a regular patient, I got to be a boards patient (read: super extra really special). 

I'm all fixed up, and so proud of my husband, the dentist.  I'm especially proud of his boards passing abilities.  we're one step closer to finishing up here in the 'burgh.  can't say I'm necessarily happy about leaving, but I can say with 100% certainty that I am so excited to never experience another pittsburgh winter.  good riddance. 

mack is also all fixed up and spiffy after his well child check-up.  I already told you how big he is, so there is no need to reiterate how my muscles are growing each day from hefting him around.  one thing that can't be reiterated enough is how adorable this little guy is.  I mean really.  that little smirk is to die for.

I especially love his mug shot from this last appointment.  pennsylvania needs to hire me as their new graphic designer.  people would be much more excited about having their license pictures taken.

and now for the delights.  mack and I have discovered the childrens' museum.  we went when he was younger, but no cigar.  now it is his heaven. we go about twice a week, and he discovers new things to play with each time. you'd think it would get old, but seeing him get so excited never gets old. just look at him.  how can you say no to that face?

this is classic mack.  he loves anything he can pick up and watch fall.  he drops the sand onto all the different parts of the table for literally 20 minutes at a time.  the physical therapist says he's an observer and has to figure things out.  I guess this is how he does it.

I just couldn't decide between the color and the black and white, so you get them both.  this is my favorite picture of the month. 

I feel like my blog is going through an identity crisis with the picture a day project being over. I didn't blog consistently before the project, so you get to go through my mid-blog-life crisis with me.  please excuse my random ramblings.  :)

lots of love.


Amy F said...

Yay for Deej! I'd say it is safe to say that you love your dentist so much you'll travel to whatever city he chooses to relocate...

And cute Mackers. This age is perfect for the children's museum. I remember taking Michael for the first time for his first birthday. So fun!

And I love the splash picture in color. So fun!

Loving your mid-blog crisis...

kamille said...

okay. it's official - mack is the cutest little boy ever!!! i love his chubs! he could totally take max down any day (i just weighed max today and he was only like 22.4 pounds haha).

Ashley said...

Seriously, Mack is much too cute. I can see why you couldn't choose between the black and white and the color - so different, but both so wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Way to go deej!!! Very cute pics too.

melanie said...

I'm so jealous you got to be dj's board's patient. I really really tried to get some cavities so I could be zach's! Just to cut down on the stress of it all. I wish I could join you on your bi-weekly visits to the children's museum, I miss that place! One of my favorite pictures of aubs is in that same little yellow jacket, blue crocs combo there too! And randomness is what makes reading your blog fun!

Dad (TMF) said...

We still wish this handsome dentist would settle in Utah!

Brooklet said...

Oh, how I love the Children's museum and especially children's museum pictures. I, too, have pictures of Claire (but not of Morgan) in the raincoats and boots when she was a little. I wish I could join you- especially to see Mack- he makes me smile.