Monday, November 23, 2009

classified information.

things you may not know about me:
1. I have a separate cell phone just for talking to my mom (we talk a lot), and I still go over my minutes on my main phone plan. apparently, I'm a talker even though I claim to hate talking on the phone (I do. I really hate it).
2. the clothing in my closet is in rainbow order.
3. I can't start cooking in my kitchen until it's spotless. it doesn't necessarily have to be spotless at any other time--a fact I'm trying to change--but cooking time is a must.
4. lately I get major anxiety before every flight. not for a fear of flying, but for a fear of flying with him:

any suggestions? how do I entertain and contain a wiggly one year old for four hours in a one square foot area on my lap? please. help me. I really, really need it. I fly out tomorrow, and I've got nothin'.

p.s. I'm flying out to shoot my first wedding this week. emotions: flattered, nervous, energized, overwhelmed, excited like a five year old on christmas eve.

wish me luck.


tiffany and darren said...

good luck! good luck! good luck! you don't really need it though, you will be fine and they will love your photographs!

kristen said...

no wonder we are friends lib.
1. my cell phone plan is based on whatever my mom has so i can talk to her for hours!
2. MY closet is in rainbow order!
3. my kitchen must also be spotless to start ANY baking projects.
4. i HATE flying with kids from the range of 6 months - 18 months.

until they start watching movies it's pretty much pointless...haha. sorry, i know that doesn't help at all. i just tell myself it's going to be the worst day ever and then it's usually better... or worse. ;) sophie used to love playing with ice in a cup forever. or you can get little cheap toys and wrap them up and let him open one every 20 minutes or so. that's always exciting! i also used to try and get the bulkhead seats so she could sit on the ground on a blanket and play (she got sick of sitting on my lap). but once she could run around that was not a good idea. have a fun trip, you'll do awesome!

Harmony said...

My suggestions for entertaining that cute lil' guy are:
to buy him a new toy (or toys),books, bring lots of snacks, and pray that you sit next to someone that is understanding on the airplane. Good luck with the airplane ride and the wedding!

Ryan & Amanda said...

My phone plan is also the same as my mom's so I can talk as much as I want. :) As for the airplane, (the same as everyone else's suggestions) LOTS of books, toys-maybe some new fun shaped markers to color with, lots of treats-maybe some that he doesn't usually get- and milk so maybe he'll take a nap for you. Good luck, one thing that saved me and Alli on our 3 hour turned 7 hour flight was a new dog in dog house and a puzzle that she could "fish" with a fishing pole to get the fishies out. Good luck, I'm always pretty nervous, and I definitely hope you have helpful understanding people by you!!

Melinda Frandsen said...

Lap Top/DVD player with a few baby signing time videos...that's our trick. It doesn't always work, but it helps!

Good luck! Wish you were flying to us. :)

Libby said...

what are you flying? i am sure chances are the flight is full but you never know. if it isn't take your carseat!! somehow i think i flew with jack on my lap maybe once when it was just him. my luck hasn't been quite as good with welles...wouldn't you know! i will pray that there is an open seat...just one!

Jaclyn said...

Bree absolutely LOVES playing with silly putty, tape, and ice cubes when we fly. We also take lots of crayons and paper for her to color with and LOTS of snacks that she doesn't usually get to eat. We also raid the dollar bins at the store and buy lots of little new toys, just like Kristen's suggestion. Then about every half hour or so she gets a new one. And we NEVER fly at night. That's what's kept us surviving on our flights--- hope everything goes well for you!

Joseph & Julianna said...

not that I have experience but SUCKERS

Amy F said...

Snacks. LOTS of snacks. And some chocolate for you :)

When I flew with the girls, I took their car seats, even though they were booked as lap-sitters. I don't know if you will get that luxury on a Tgiving week flight, though. It is worth a try, and they can store your carseat if not.

Ooooo... I can't wait to hear about your first wedding shoot....

brittany said...

Your first wedding! That is awesome! How did it go?

Stephanie said...

Hahaah. I hate talking on the phone and cannot cook in a messy/dirty kitchen either! It's a little late for this plane trip, but one year- olds are just really hard to travel with. What I've found to be the best solution for that age is lot's of treats in different containers that they have to figure out how to open and shut. Also a new toy and a flashlight are great distractions. Good luck.

The Boothes said...

Love the honesty Libby hilarious. Good luck on the flight. I am still trying to figure that out myself. Let me know how it goes. I would wish you luck on your wedding shoot, but I KNOW you will do great!