Tuesday, September 8, 2009


well, hello there. in pitt dental vernacular, august is synonymous with break, so break I did. during the past five weeks, we've spent many more nights in other beds than our own, and we're happy to report we're back and getting into the swing of things.

a couple things from last post: I always try to credit photos when I don't take them myself, so this picture was taken by my good friend Keri,
and this picture was taken by DJ. good thing I'm surrounded by such talented people to add this little blog.

during the first ten days of august, we were arizonified. here is how things went down:

August 1st

flew with southwest to arizona. if you don't count the fact that I literally caused us to miss our flight, the traveling was wonderfully wonderful. I love southwest with all of my heart.

us enjoying the 80's themed carpet at the Vegas airport.

side note: Delta FINALLY contacted me {after only four straight weeks of trying to speak with ANYONE that could help me}, and they were extremely generous with a voucher after they saw all of the comments on the post I wrote about my experience with them. So, thanks for your comments, they earned us a few free flights. I'm flying with them in less than a month... I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. :)

August 2nd
left mack for the first time. DJ's parents were so nice to watch him (and allow us to stay in their cabin) for the weekend while we spent some time with some of DJ's best friends from high school.

the boys went golfing, and I spent the day with these three girlies:

... and I actually had my picture taken.

now you see why I am behind the camera. :)

August 3rd
I may have forced these fine people into playing photobooth... maybe...

and when I tried to get my husband to play along, this is what I got:

lovely, eh?
*photo taken by brittany.*

the whole lot of us.

we couldn't have asked for a better weekend. perfect weather, wonderful company, yummy food, lots of games, and the perfect mountain hideaway. special thanks to DJ's parents for making it happen.

August 4th

we made it back to this puppy's house.

mack was happy to see us...

...and we were happy to see him.

...and we were all happy to cool off a little. arizona in august=ridiculously hot.

August 5th
spent the morning at the lake. DJ's family is incredibly athletic. check 'em out:

tawn, tawn.


my incredibly good looking husband.

...and my cute little man, who was a little tuckered out by the whole experience.

August 6th

a quiet day at home for Mack and I.
post nap time in the pack 'n play toted all the way from pittsburgh.

August 7th
family pictures:

*photos set up by me, and snapped by DJ's cousin, Erica.*

August 8th
back up to the cabin where we spent evenings on the golf course...

...nights taking walks

(I told them to pretend like they were a band, and this is what DJ came up with. gotta love it.)

August 9th
and days swimming, mack's favorite past time...

the splashing is a constant occurrence while Mack is in the water. he's a bit of a fan.

August 10th
more family pictures (that's what you get for having a photographer in the family):

...and mack learning to golf...

we start 'em young around here. :)

so, now that you've been arizonified, hold on to your shorts, because utah is up next.

see you soon. :)


Emily said...

it's great to see you're still alive and busy! it's been a while dear. you still have catching up to do ;)

Keri said...

I am not sure 'snap and shoot what the photographers says' constitutes taking a photo, but thanks for the shout out. And I really like what you came up with for your photography logo.

Libby said...

welcome home! i love love love the family pictures. i love the colors and i love the set-up. good work...once again!

Hina Schneider said...

Yeah our weekend trip at DJ's parents cabin was so awesome. I love all the bonding we did and sweet mani and pedi we did. Your pics are so awesome. I love the family pics. They are so perfect and just magnificent.

Richins Family said...

um i'm not completely pathetic and don't really sit at my computer refreshing your page to see if you updated but i am excited that you posted! LOVE IT! your family pictures are amazing :) looks like you guys had a fun trip! but i'm glad you're back :)

kristen said...

oh i have so much to say! are you ready!? (ha)

-i wish we would have been there with you guys! i have NEVER left my kids overnight (not on purpose and i'm totally jealous)

-i love your photobooth and completely expected the pose from dj. that's so "deej"

-um, where is YOUR "jumping the wake" picture? ;)

-i love that you went to the mesa arts center! i miss that place for pictures!

-even more i love your colors and styling! how did you guys do all of that!? LOVE!

-and i want your jeans. what are they?

The Boothes said...

Great color scheme in those family photos!!! Too bad we weren't down there at the same time. Our little guys need to meet. We miss you guys in UT>

Fe said...

Looks like you're doing great and Mack's as cute as ever!:)

kamille said...

i'm sad we missed the cabin trip but hopefully we can do it again sometime! i love the family pictures - everything looks great! you are seriously an amazing photographer!

Jill Tew said...

Great family pics Libby. Fun colors. That 1st one is my favorite, although there are lots of good ones to choose from! :) And funny that Delta knows about your blog post/comments. Did they tell you that?

Andrea said...

You guys look so great!! Mack is getting so big, and he is SOOOO cute!! We get to see you at Christmas, right??

Melinda Frandsen said...

What a beautiful family. Mack is clearly the first grandchild on the Jones side...so cute how all faces turn to him. Beautiful work Libs!

Wright Bunch said...

LIBBY! Long time no see! I found your blog on jonny and mels and wanted to say hi! -- I am actually sitting next to your little sister Hannah right now! She is "friends" wink wink-- with my lil' brother-in-law Sam and they stopped by to visit.

She told a little about where you are and what you're up to, you're little guy is adorable!

It would be fun to see you if you're in town any time soon.

Keep in touch-


Ryan & Amanda said...

Your pictures are always wonderful, whether it's the new family pics or the pics of Mack (he's adorable by the way)! I know it's crazy trying to fit everything in when you're visiting family, but if you have a free moment when you're here let me know, it'd be fun to get together!

Brooklet said...

That is arizona? So many green trees. Not what I would expect, but right up my alley.

I love the family pics, the colors, the poses. Oh, and you look fantastic- why must you get so skinny as i get so big!!

Amy F said...

Fun times in Arizona. The family pictures are so fun... and now I see what you mean by the color scheme! :) Great choices! The first one is my fav, too... great background for the colors.

Love your crinkle nose shot. So Libby.

Glad you are catching up. I've been so curious to see what Mackers is looking like in September... ?? :)

Pitcherpost said...

Wow you are looking super skinny. And I'm looking super chunky. Hey I have a great idea, lets get together and hang out in SWIMSUITS in a couple weeks, self-esteem is overrated anyways :)

I love that Mack has a perfect little golfers outfit already. And your family pictures look wonderful and fun. Those will be such a treasure to his family!

Tawn said...

Love love love this post! All of it! So fun to see! Miss you guys terribly! Come back soon!

Stephanie said...

Those were GREAT pictures!!!! I love them and look forward to getting our family pictures done.

Dad (TMF) said...

Can't wait for the Utah segment.