Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Isn't summer wonderful? Especially here in the 'burgh, after a horrible, dark winter, summer is welcomed with open arms. These are things I enjoy about summer:

June 11th
getting together with friends to:

drink this...

...and make these. How could anything be better than sugar cookie french fries, cupcake buns, brownie patties, and frosting ketchup, cheese and lettuce. I know they look especially crafty, and since I'm not especially crafty, I have to give credit to Keri for the cute idea, the gathering of supplies, and the organization.

June 12th

Driving into Oakland to have lunch..., and take a walk with DJ before he hurries back to see a patient.

June 13th

Park time with Mack while he shows me his cocked-head-I'm-getting-tired-maybe-we-should-go-home-now look (he's been giving me that one a lot lately).

June 14th

Celebrating fathers. This picture is from a while back, but I love it. DJ is the best father to Mack. At the end of each day, when DJ gets home from school, I love to sit and watch him play with his little boy. I know I should try to get a few things done during that time, but I can't tear myself away. I love him so much. Thanks Deej, for everything. Happy Father's Day!
(p.s. I made a yummy cheesecake for father's day, which I of course did NOT get a picture of (dang, dang); however, you should try it. It's a little labor intensive, but so, so worth it. Here is the recipe. Enjoy!)

June 15th
Camping with the parents of these kiddos:

June 16th
...and this one...

...who is a little excited about the fish he caught. :)

June 17th

Eating yummy food. DJ and I looked for this particular Chili's three different times before we finally found it, so it most definitely deserved to be the picture of the day. Gotta love Pittsburgh.

June 18th

Taking walks by the river with this wonderful family. To see more of their family shoot, click here.

June 19th

Swimming with mack. This was his first time, and he LOVED it. Looks like we'll be going to the pool a lot more this summer.

June 20th

Upgrading my camera. Apparently, Mack isn't excited about my new purchase. To be honest, DJ felt about how Mack looked, but he's come around. I, on the other hand, feel like this:

*June 2005*
and this:

*BYU Homecoming football game, October 2005*
yup. life is good.

June 21st

Pittsburgh. Truly, it is one of the things I love the most about summer. Pittsburgh is so beautiful this time of year, and there's so much to do. We will miss it like crazy... I'm getting ahead of myself... still ten months to go...

June 22nd

Sunglasses. In particular, these sunglasses, on this beautiful girl. Check out the reflection... do you see me, and the swimmers by the pool in the background?

June 23rd

Pool/birthday parties. Mack swims in the lap of luxury... that is, if you consider this plastic pool toy from Target luxury.

Isn't he a cute one??

June 24th

And, last by certainly not least, spontaneity. It's fun to be able to jet around here and there doing this and that. One of those "thises or thats" is this little shoot with my good friend Tiffany. She was so much fun, and honestly should be a model. To see more of our little outing, click here.

Thanks for observing the summer-y-ness. Hope you've been enjoying your summer as well. Do you have any fun ideas for me to continue enjoying this beautiful time of year? I'm always looking for a little inspiration. :)


Libby said...

the chilis by the mall?

i love summer time! we pretty much spend our time at the pool so i have no bright ideas for you. sorry.

Nicole Johansen said...

I LOVE THE SUMMER too! Ah, I could live here forever if it always stayed spring or summer ... or fall. Okay, anything but winter! As for ideas, all we do is study/work and take trips, but you've already got the trip/traveling thing down. :)

I think my favorite of this batch is Mack in the pool. Besides being cute of Mack and totally capturing the absolute wonderful beauty of pools, it makes me really want to go swimming! Your pictures are such a nice addition to my work day... ah. I know you know what I mean!

Brooklet said...

oh, I want to go the the pool with you guys, and I would love to spend summer in Pittsburgh- it is beautiful there this time of year (as long as there is air-conditioning!). I miss the outdoors there a lot, so many woods, lakes, rivers. when we drove back to va this last time we drove a different way and ended up going through the laurel highlands- an hour or two outside of Pittsburgh, but it had so many different lakes and parks and bike trails- it was beautiful and I wish we had gone while we were there.

Michelle said...

That baby is so dang cute. Can't wait to see him when you guys come.
I was so sad to read about your friend who lost her babies. How far along was she?

Amy said...

Thanks for taking our pictures, I love them and my family is LOVING them as well. Going to see the Pirates probably lose while hoping they will win just because we are there is our favorite summer fun.

Amy F said...

Love that Mackers. I can just hear him saying "ooooooo" in some of those pictures.

Marie said...

I stumbled onto your blog from Tiffany's and I love it! Your pictures are amazing and so fun to look at. Thank for sharing your cute family and your wonderful photography skills.

P.S. my last name is Peck, we met at Panera's last fall and at book club.

Melinda Frandsen said...

I miss Mack's growl!!! And, I miss you. I can't wait to see you and DJ in a few weeks.

Your pictures are amazing Libby! You're inspiring.

Michele said...

great photos...I must agree this summer has been exceptionally nice and I have nothing bad to say about Pittsburgh as this moment!