Thursday, July 30, 2009


my life is so full of pretty things these days. I can prove it:

July 12th

A senior shoot with a beautiful girly. She had a million ideas, and it made the shoot so much fun.

July 13th

Day two of the shoot. To see more of this amazingly beautiful girl, click here.

July 14th

taking a night to relax with the girlies.

July 15th

more beautiful girls. part of a family shoot in downtown pittsburgh. to see more, click here.

July 16th

got dressed up and went on a date with my cute husband... all by ourselves (thanks carlee!). the show was amazing of course, but the time with deej was even better.
p.s. due to a parking fiasco, we snuck tasty cakes into the theater for our dinner. now that is the way to see a show. :)

July 17th

aren't these necklaces pretty?
from my favorite store in the whole world. mind you, I've never bought anything there, but one day I will.

July 18th

because there must be opposition in all things, here's something that's not so pretty:
mack's new eating habits.
everytime a veggie touches his mouth, he spits everywhere. wonderful. we have discovered a solution though. it's called puffanating (aka, bribing), or putting a little puff on each spoonful of food to keep him from spitting it everywhere. how can he already be so particular?

July 19th

just a pretty fountain. that's all.

July 20th

an impromptu trip to the strip district with these pretty girls to pick up these little lovelies.
oh how I will miss the strip.

so, what's pretty in your life these days?


Richins Family said...

i LOVE all of your pics! especially the ones of amanda! hey libby when i grow up i want to be just like you :) :) :)

Libby said...

i always look forward to your posts. love all the pictures and i want one of those wooden necklaces! i need to go to the strip district.

tiffany and darren said...

I am so happy that you love to take pictures and do such a good job at it! especially because I am bad at taking pictures and don't do it often so I benefit from your great photography and it often ends up on my blog, I really hope you don't mind and if you do, please tell me!!
Oh, and I want to go to New York!!

BERRETTS said...

Hey Libby-
We went to high school together (well sort of, I mean we didn't go together, we just went at some of the same time). Anyway, I think your pictures are really lovely. They are simple and classic, but sitll unique without it looking like you're trying to be unique. Which, in short, means I love them
I'm sorry we won't be in Utah until after you leave, but I'd really love for you to take our family photos sometime. I'll watch your schedule for Utah bookings (or maybe even NY since that's where we're located).
Mostly I wanted to send my compliments.
Sherry (Cope) Berrett