Monday, July 27, 2009

the new york --> pittsburgh circuit.

met up with my family in New York for the holiday weekend. on the drive there (no flying for us, thank you very much), DJ commented that the drive through pennsylvania and new york is starting to feel like the drive between utah and arizona... only less dirt... and much more populated (as in, there are more people than coyotes). how true that is.
the weekend was wonderful, stevie and hans were great hosts as usual, and mom and lafe were gracious guests in both new york and pittsburgh a few days later.

July 2nd

*photo taken by mom*
went with my siblings and mom to...

it was good. real good. angela lansbury was funny. thanks to deej for staying at stevie's with a crying baby. you're the best. in case you're wondering, everyone with the exception of my little brother volunteered to stay home with the baby... DJ just won the battle. Poor guy.

July 3rd

this guy sat across from me on the train and I was mesmorized by his eyes, tan skin, and glowy hair. it took me about 15 minutes to get my courage up to ask him if I could take his picture, and DJ was so embarrassed of me. in the end, we all came out the better though, right?

July 4th
Happy Independance Day!

we spent the day with these people:

at this place:

that would be Coney Island, if you don't recognize the old rickety roller coaster.

livin' it up in style like this guy:

we ate yummy cherries and sunchips, sat on the beach while we talked and laughed, and walked around Coney Island looking for Kobayashi (the hot dog eating champion), who we did not find. We did find, however, some yummy ice cream and crazy people.

that night, we watched the fireworks over the skyline from the roof of the empire hotel. pretty, eh?

July 5th

celebrated mom's birthday by going to magnolia's bakery (of "the chronic-'what'-cles of narnia" fame). yummy.

July 6th

on our way home, we found a beautiful little sidewalk to watch the cars go by as we fed mack his bedtime bottle.

July 7th

exploring with a borrowed wide angle lens while waiting for mom and lafe to come out to the 'burgh.

July 8th

good thing they arrived, so you didn't have to suffer through anymore of my 'exploring.' :)

July 9th

made a quilt with my mom for a new little girly back in utah.

July 10th

mom and lafe's last day in the 'burgh. it's lonely here without them. thanks for coming. we miss you.

I'm thinking of making my way around the pittsurgh --> new york circuit again soon... anyone up for going with me?


Amy said...

The pic of the fireworks behind the city skyline is AMAZING!

kristen said...

just come to boston :)

Nicole Johansen said...

I love your pictures like usual, but I'm really baffled because I think you have a sister that I know nothing about! I thought I had the Frandsen pedigree down! Definitely going to have to get that clarified next time I see you. :)

Jill Tew said...

Crazy me, but I think that old guy looks like your dad in 40 years...maybe that's why you were mezmorized by him. :)

kamille said...

ahh i love new york. if we were close i'd definitely go! hopefully we can see you while you're out here, even though we won't make it up to the cabin...let us know if you have time! i want to meet mr. mack!!

Amy F said...

Ooooo...Libbs... come to NYC when I'm there!! ??

Glad you all enjoyed such fun times together. I'm so glad most of the kids were together with mom for her bday.

You caught an amazing shot of fireworks... wow! I thought it was impossible...

I see what Jill is saying in the eyes... but TMF would never keep a 'stache so unevenly trimmed. ;)

Smith Family said...

So I know this is really random, but I am a friend of DJ's from high school and came across your blog and absolutely love the quilts that you make!! I was wondering if you used a pattern or ...? And your pictures look amazing! :)

Sarah Smith (Scarbrough)

Michele said...

It's so great to have family come for a visit! You are gone more than you are home! I would love to go to NYC but it will just have to wait til Cory is working...that way I won't have to sleep in the car!BTW I absolutely love the shot of the older gentleman with the piercing blue eyes...great shot!

Elise said...

Love love love the quilt! Who's fabric is it? Anyway, super cute pictures- I love the ones of your mom and Mack at South Side works. And I would absolutely love to go to NYC anytime, count me in!