Monday, July 13, 2009

catch up, ketchup, catch up...

spend a week in DC {check}, family photo shoot {check}, go camping {check}, girls' night {check}, upgrade camera {check...yay!}, spend a week in utah {check}, two family photo shoots {check}, girls' night {check}, spend a weekend in New York {check}, see a broadway show {check. loved it.}, senior shoot {check}, enjoy family being in Pittsburgh {check}, make a quilt {check}, newborn shoot {check}, sell first camera {check}, buy a car {big fat check}, laundry {FINALLY, check}, catch up, catch up, catch up {no check}, blog. breathe.

I've been busy.

Expect lots of blogging this week. I mean, LOTS of blogging. Like, a post a day type of blogging. I will get that check mark next to "catch up." I will.

It's been a wonderful summer so far. It started out feeling like I had all the time in the world (what happened??). We bought some fantastic chairs from Sam's Club, and DJ and I sat on our back patio each night eating sorbet and talking, and Mack and I sat out there each afternoon while he tried to eat the camera {see below}. Don't worry (actually, maybe you'd be relieved), he didn't succeed.

June 1st

June 2nd

We found a perfect little picnic spot near our house, and we took colonel sanders for a little outing. As you can see, DJ loves it when I take his picture. We're working on that.

June 3rd

Mack has been sporting his little crocks. Aren't those just about the cutest little feet you've ever seen?

June 4th

Mack's first experience in a swing, and our first experience as parents at the ASDA (american student dental association) picnic. It was strange to be at the picnic with all those singles playing drinking games. I felt old. Really, really old. Mack was oblivious.

June 5th

How cute is this little guy? He's only three weeks older than Mack, and he's basically walking. Yup, that's right. Way past crawling (which we can't convince Mack to do for the life of us. Not that I necessarily want a crawling baby, but he doesn't show any interest at all. None. How was that for an aside?), and nearly onto walking. That's all beside the point. This is one cute little boy.

June 6th

Some how this picture got forgotten, so I'm going back a bit (to May 25th to be exact). On our way home from Boston, we stopped in NYC to meet up with my older brother, little sis, cousin and his wife for lunch. Stevie snapped this shot, and I had to post it since it seems DJ and I don't get many pictures together these days. So, there you have it. Us. In New York. Together. I don't have anything to add to that.

Are you ready for more? Keep an eye out. It's coming. :)


Nicole Johansen said...

Love the ones of Mack on the swing - so happy!!

Amy F said...

More! More!! More!!! I can't imagine all the things that are on your "to-do" by now. I'd imagine you'll be ALMOST finished with them by the time you come to see us again. !!!

We are looking forward to August. Please don't teach Mack to crawl before then. We want his first crawls to be when everyone is together. :)

Stephen said...

why did you take the picture of you two down???

kristen said...

yay you're back! more pictures! i love that last picture... and sophie was anti-crawling too. no, more like anti-moving! and she eventually walked...haha.
have you been watching sytycd and the bachelorette? i need to hear your thoughts ;)

Richins Family said...

um i could look at your pictures all day long! i'm excited to know that you have lots coming! thanks for the cute shout out of Hayden! he is quite the little man! cute pic i love it :)