Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Even though these pictures are only from four weeks ago, they are making me feel completely nostalgic. I miss all of you--you know who you are.

April 21st

A girls' trip to DC. We had so much fun stuffed in a little hotel room with four girls, two babies, my sewing machine and all the quilts for the quintuplets (truly, we did). Mack slept in a reclined stroller in the bathroom, and was wheeled out during the night if anyone needed the facilities (not a bad plan if you're short on space. Mack may not agree :) ). We ate some amazing lemon pancakes, explored Georgetown, shopped, shopped, shopped and shopped. It was a quick trip, but so fun. Pittsburgh won't be the same without these girls.

April 22nd

A tree grows in Georgetown. Pretty, pretty.

April 23rd

Cute kid, eh? He and his mom were playing in the flowers at the oldest stone house in Georgetown (the exact wording from the plaque outside the house), and I asked if I could snap a photo. DJ would have been so embarrassed of me.

April 24th

I had so much fun with this little guy and his mom. Doesn't he have the cutest little puppy dog eyes? Seriously manipulation tools--his parents are in for it. To see more of Jackson, click here.

April 25th

A beautiful wedding of two dental students. They got married on a boat right in front of the point where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio. After the ceremony we cruised down all three rivers, had dinner, danced, talked and laughed. It was the perfect ending to the third year of dental school. It's unbelievable to me that we are entering our fourth year. I'm so proud of DJ and all the time and effort he has put into school. Only one more year... bittersweet.

April 26th
Three years ago, this day, this happened...

Life has only gotten better since then. Thanks Deej for making life exciting and beautiful. I can't wait for all the memories that are yet to come.


Amy F said...

Looks like such a fun trip. Good for you for making the time and using the effort!

And I just realized that you are doing your April pictures. Haha... you are so funny!! Happy late anniversary... so much has happened for you two. So much yet to come...

Fe said...

Great photos! I can't believe it's been three years! (for both of us!) Crazy! It definitely seems like you've had a more exciting life than us, but I'm sure our excitement will come sooner or later. Congrats on the anniversary!:)

Hina Schneider said...

Wow! Your wedding photos are gorgeous. Congrats and happy three years

kamille said...

happy anniversary! i cannot believe DJ is going into his 4th year. that's gone by fast (for us at least!)...you guys are so close to starting onto real life...how exciting! what are your plans for after dental school?

Jana said...

I miss you too!!! Life outside of Pittsburgh is not the same. And the trip was fab. Just think . . the cruise is going to be even better!!! No kids. :)