Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, apparently, I have a thing for graffiti these days. Every time I'm in the car, I search the buildings/overpasses/fences/bridges/trains for a new little treasure. Fittingly, this is my homage to graffiti.

February 17th
An honest day's work next to a day's work. Oh yeah, and a Wendy's cup. This scene makes me happy.

February 18th
A scene that represents Pittsburgh to it's core: A beautiful bridge, a traffic sign (a discussion for a later time), a train running through an urban area, and the downtown skyline. Once again, happiness.

February 19th
I love this tag. It's on an overpass I drove under each day on the way to work. Had to capture it.

February 20th

February 21st
A little corporate graffiti, if you will. And Lunch--yummm.

February 22nd

The mirror in a local Mexican restaurant (the best Mexican I've found in Pittsburgh--that's not saying much, but it's a start!). I like to think the mirror was designed by a lucky graffiti artist that got a job as a mirror designer.

There will be more graffiti to come, I'm sure. For now, some other happenings.

February 23rd
The first project of our sewing group. To be clear, I absolutely did not sew these. After hefting my machine, boxes of fabric, my ironing board, and my iron, I did not sew a thing. Rather, I sat and enjoyed the company. *Burp cloths made by Gina.*

February 24th
Just being optimistic and pretending to drink virgin margaritas on a beautiful sunny island somewhere other than cold, cold Pittsburgh. It can't be cold forever, right? I could really use some of that global warming right about now.

February 25th
In my usual fashion, I will finish off the post with a photo of my two favorite boys. Nothing (not even graffiti) makes me happier than this little scene.


mem said...

ps. i've already picked it out, my tag name is "bookr" now i just need some spray skills.

Felicia said...

I'm sure ya'll have already figured out not lift him up like that before his food has settled... *ahem* great photos Libby, I too love graffiti!

little red said...

so cute lib!

PS. can I tell you how much I love your header? did you make that on photoshop?

The Schneider Family said...

I love virgin daquiries. their the best. The photo of DJ and Mack is so dang cute

Brett and Rachel said...

Very funny about your addiction to the graffiti. Apparently you are really getting used to downtown Pittsburg!
So I must know, what is the font that you use everywhere on your blog? It is so cute, and I must have it!

Jana said...

You really do take some great pics. I love the last one the best of course. :) How can you resist that baby boy!!! Get set for my baby.

Amy F said...

Love those boys, too! And way to find the "graffiti is art" silver lining!

Anonymous said...

I took several graffiti hunt trips with my brother last summer and have been wanting to get a bunch of graffiti pictures for him before I leave, so we must get together for that soon! You know, so we can take "crappy" pictures together :)

Jill said...

Fun pictures Libby. I'm enjoying seeing your more frequent posts! :)

Megan and Charlie Miller said...

Libs I have never loved Pittsburgh graffiti like I do through your lens. You are really good. I refered a girl to get her baby pictures from you. :) She isn't due until July. Who knows!
You would be so proud of me. I actually made one bumper but I have run out of ribbon so I have to get more before I continue.