Thursday, January 29, 2009

P365: the Utah edition...

I just spent a wonderful week in Utah with my family. Here is the proof:

January 21st
Mack with Grandpappy (my dad). My dad couldn't resist making fun of his hair telling me it was "girly." Doesn't he know the faux hawk is in?

January 22nd
Okay, his hair does look a little girly in this picture, but I got it cut, okay? Jeez, so touchy! Anyway, here is Mack practicing for his three month pictures. He's a natural.

January 23rd
My cute nephew, Aaron taking some of his first steps. Don't make fun of the cheesiness, but to me this picture is very representative of the support we have from people around us who love us, don't you think?

Hannah treated me to lunch (on dining plus, baby!) in the Cougareat. Oh, how I love you L&T--you are dearly missed here in the 'burgh. While in the Cougareat, one of Hannah's aquaintances came to eat with us. He is fresh off the mission - only three weeks home. When I asked him what his career aspirations were he said (in an amazingly strange combination of a southern twang tinted with a returned missionary spanish accent), "Well, I've always like women, and I liked delivering sheep growing up, so I think I want to be a baby doctor." Nice. Turns out he was referring to being an OBGYN. I sure hope my doctor didn't learn how to deliver babies from sheep. :)

January 24th

The three month pictures (thanks mom!). Mack thought the photographer was wierd. I thought the crate was wierd. Don't worry, the other poses were much better.

Post pictures, we headed to Aunt Tawni's diving meet. DJ's mom and sisters love Mack. I love this picture of them looking at him while he's sleeping.

See what I mean? Love. Pure and simple.

January 25th
Nightly bath time. Lafe loves his nephews and nieces. He is the keeper of family stats. He notified me that we now have seventeen people in our family. Does that qualify us as our own coven? I think it does. I mean, we're no vampires, but aren't my siblings just as good looking?

January 26th
How to ensure a late departure:
1. Get enough snow to drown a cow.
2. Try to drive in it.
3. Get a dad
4. tow you out
5. All while wearing ridiculous shoes,
6. and watching a peacefully sleeping baby in the back seat.

The new Draper temple open house. Beautiful, of course.

January 27th: the Trip down south
We drove down to visit my grandparents, and passed the Manti Temple on the way. I couldn't resist a picture or two.

Great-Grandpa Frandsen

Great Grandma Frandsen

The tractor outside their house. For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have been the most hard-working people I know. Case in point: my grandpa will be ninety this August, and he has a recently used tractor in front of his house. He was told he isn't to use it (doctor's and wife's orders), so he has taken up listening to Conservative talk shows instead. He prefers Glenn Beck... I think Stevie would agree.

January 28thThe ride home. Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

January 29th: the recovery
I highly recommend... (p.s. I know this is cheating, but a 'screen shot' is technically a picture, right? And it most definitely represents my day).

January 30th
The first day of my new job as a Fitness Instructor at a gym called Extreme Fitness. It was a disaster considering the horrible roads that caused me to be 15 minutes late even though I gave myself 40 minutes to get there, my inability to work the mic causing me to yell above the music the whole time, and my baby making the nursery worker's lives difficult because he wouldn't stop crying. Ugh. I guess there's always next week... hopefully.

All in all though, it has been one fantastic January. Now, time for those sub-zero temperatures and snow covered roads to be on their way!


The Schneider Family said...

Mack is such a cutie. I bet all of his aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa just love him to pieces. These pictures you have taken are just amazing and super cute.

Amy F said...

Fun, fun, fun. Wish I could have been in Utah with you...

and Mack is growing, growing growing. He looks even older with his hair cut.

I love the picture of Aaron walking... surely representative of the existing support, and something that is priceless to me in such a wonderful family. Thank you for being a part of that, Libbs.

Wish I could come to your aarobics class!! Better luck next time!

Libby said...

oh he is so cute! i love jan 22nd...why would you need to go get pictures taken when you have that? he is so photogenic! welcome back to the wonderful freezing snow!

Felicia said...

Great photos Libby! I'm glad you had such a good visit here in Utah. Good luck with that weather over there! :)

melinda said...

Oh Libbs, I love your pictures. I'm never going to keep up with the Joneses! :) Can you email me the photos of Aaron's steps you got? I would love that. THanks for the update! Hope next week works out better at the fitness class. I'm sure it's good for you and the Mackster.

Felicia said...

Mack is looking great! And your camera might not be the most expensive, but it works really well with what you're using for! Your photos look great! Yeah, that preparation thing was hard to admit.. but we're done now!:)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your new job, that sounds like it would be so much fun! Those pictures are great too. It's so nice spending time with family!

Laurel said...

Libby! I love your blog! And I can't get over how adorable Mack is. Seriously, adorable!
It's nice to "stumble" upon your blog!

Derek & Colette said...

I'm so jealous you were in Utah. Can't wait till I get there in a little over a month. You're pictures look so great. I especially love the ones of Mack with his great-grandparents. Priceless.

Dad (TMF) said...

Has it only been 4 days since you went home. Glad we have photos to remember you by!

Anonymous said...

You and Carlee - the only people I know that wear stilettos 9 months pregnant and to hike through the snow!

All of your pictures are precious and beautiful. I think this challenge is a great idea. Not only will you learn so much about your camera, but you'll have so many priceless moments captured. You inspire me to get my camera out more, I'll make it a priority! Just not this week....:) I also want to get together with you and brooke and have a photoshop session so we can pick eachother's brains! That's something we can do while it's still cold at least.

Michele said...

Love the pictures...especially the Temple ones! Love the red shoes! Mack has the cutest hair ever!!